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Radioactive Waste

ENMT495 Global Environmental

Week 7 Discussion

DQ1 Radioactive Waste

This is Bruce and I will be leading this discussion.


Question 1 Why can low-level radioactive waste be directly disposed of while high-level waste must be stored prior to disposal? Please explain what happens during storage of radioactive wastes.


Question 2 What are some of the options available for disposal/storage of radioactive waste? Please provide detail on each of the options to include any benefits or difficulties with each option.


Question 3 Please outline mixed waste storage and disposal regulations and the agencies involved with these regulations.


Question 4 Please provide an explanation of the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test and what it is used for.


DQ2 Management Options and Remediation Technology for Radioactive and Mixed Waste


This is Jason Torres-Smith and I will be leading this discussion.


Management Options and Remediation Technology for Radioactive and Mixed Waste Question 1 What are possible management options for managing radioactive waste?


Question 2 What is the importance of managing mixed waste and how is this waste treated?


Question 3 What is a disposal option for nuclear waste?


Question 4 What is essentially the only way to “reuse” nuclear waste?


DQ3 Radioactive and Mixed Waste Management


Hello, I am Ashley and I will be leading this Radioactive and Mixed Waste Management discussion topic. This week’s discussion topic will focus on types, definition and sources of radioactive and mixed waste, consider some of the questions below.


Compare and contrast the difference between radioactive and mixed waste, what are some of the sources of these types of waste?


 Define Exempted Waste (EW), give some examples that fall under this classification?


This week we learned that not all radioactive waste is the same, please define the different classification of radioactive waste.


 Discuss some of the major challenges of radioactive waste management, are there possible management options?


 Pick your own discussion topic, share something interesting you have learned this week regarding radioactive and mixed waste, maybe something you haven’t heard of before.


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