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Reconstruct what life would have been like in an early agricultural village

Prompt number 3: Reconstruct what life would have been like in an early agricultural village (be sure you refer to secondary and primary source documents as well). How would government have functioned? How would work have been divided up? What types of spiritual or religious concerns do you think would have been most important? Also considersuch mundane but important matters as how waste would be disposed how water would be obtained, and where animals would be kept in such a village. Reflect upon innovations and technological advances that made possible the transition from sedentary to agricultural societies? How would you define/assess the revolutionary aspect the age of agriculture and was it inevitable? Why agriculture might pose problems for human communities and what those problems are. Consider variations among early agricultural settlements across the globe (discuss some of those agricultural village societies you have read about in the textbook and in some of primary sources in the booklet). Then, critically assess the varying strengths and weaknesses of foraging, herding, and farming societies. Does Agricultural Revolution represent “progress” or “setback” as opposed to earlier eras?


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