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RELI448N :Imagine you serve in a hospital with many Hindu patients

RELI448N Comparative Religions

Week 2 Assignment

Hinduism Essay/Chart

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 3


Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook/lesson)


Choose only one (1) of the following two options:

Option 1: Chart & Analysis

Imagine you serve in a hospital with many Hindu patients. Prepare a presentation chart for your colleagues to help them better familiarize themselves with this religion using the following:

Create a chart addressing the following six (6) elements:

Origins (including founding)

Geographic locations where Hinduism lives

Placement within major religions

Historical timeline,

Primary beliefs (briefly described)

Religious practices, esp. those pertinent to life, health, death

Add an additional paragraph that does the following:

Identifies which theory of the origin of religion describes Hinduism and defend your choice.

Explains why your colleagues need to be aware of this religion’s beliefs and practices and how it relates to professional standards of care.

Option 2

Hinduism challenges Western notions of the oneness of God. Review these three aspects of Hinduism before writing your essay:

In Hinduism, there are “One God and Many Gods.”

The gods are “Immanent and Transcendent,” that is, each god is above and beyond all; but also, each god is represented in all kinds of concrete, tangible forms—statues, pictures, stories, movies, etc.

There are different paths to god. Each path is considered a legitimate way to god.

For this option, write an essay that addresses the following:

Describe in detail one (1) of the three aspects (above) of Hinduism.

Explain why this aspect of Hinduism appeals to you (or not).

Explain how your chosen aspect gives people from all sectors of Indian life a chance to be fully involved in religion.

Determine which theory of the origins of religion best relates to Hinduism. Offer at least one clear example demonstrating why it may be so.

In addition an outside source, make sure to reference your textbook and/or lesson.


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