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Structure of the paper:

After an initial introduction, in the first part of your paper, which you should caption as Part I, you should discuss the drivers of the renewable energy investment stories that you think are significant.  Each should be discussed under an individual subheading:

–global warming (also called climate change);

–comparative costs of renewable and fossil fuel technologies;

–the amount of money likely to be in play;

–energy independence in the name of national defense.

–pollution and its role in pushing investment into renewable energy;

–government regulationsBidens inflation Reduction Act, state/regional, or municipal laws, and international agreements, such as that of Cop 21–including taxes and subsidies which may favor (or disadvantage) investment in renewable energy;

–the element of belief, sometimes called dreams, in major investment shifts;

–the potential role of millions of electric car owners as a lobbying force to shift the world into renewable energy.

In the next part of your paper, which you should label as Part II, you should explain the battery technologies that have been used and the one that you think is the best for each purpose: cars, trucks and busses; energy storage for buildings; and filling the gaps in renewable energy for the grid. If you choose, you could also discuss batteries for ships and airplanes. You may, if you choose, focus Part II of your paper on only one of the above topics (batteries for vehicles, buildings or the grid), with just a brief discussion of the others. Discuss the costs of these battery technologies. Discuss also the issue of availability of, and market for, battery materialscommodities such as lithium, copper, cobalt, nickel, etc. Discuss recycling and pollution issuesin particular, Not-In-My-Backyard (NIMBY) issues associated with mining, manufacturing, and recycling. Discuss potential and/or likely future battery technologies, such as solid state batteries. Can the claims of the proponents of the various new battery types be believed?

You should conclude your paper with a recommendation (to a major company or a big investor) on whether to invest or not in the industry/company that is the focus of your paper.

Paper must be fully documented with citations for specific claims.