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Researched Argument

ENGL1301 Composition 1

Assignment Composition #2 Researched Argument

Composition #2 The Researched Argument




Choose one of the following arguments to agree or disagree with:


Technology has an overall negative effect on American society.


Sports have an overall negative effect on American society.


The drinking age in the United States should be lowered to 18.


Our national security is more important than our privacy.


It is unethical to eat meat.


Money can’t buy happiness.


For this assignment you will agree or disagree with one of the above statements. Your job is to persuade your reader of your position using research, logic, facts, examples, persuasive language, and emotional appeals.


In your introduction, provide a detailed thesis statement that gives your point of view without using the first person (I, we, my, etc.).


In your body paragraphs, use specific examples from your research as well as persuasive language and emotional appeals. View the Comp 2 Lesson and use Aristotle’s Appeals in your essay.


In your conclusion, reiterate the validity of your point and restate your main ideas.


Your essay must:


Be written in standard essay format, consisting of an introduction that clearly states your thesis, a sufficient number of body paragraphs to develop your thesis logically, and a concluding paragraph;


Provide quotations and paraphrases from at least 3 sources;


Utilize Aristotle’s Appeals: Ethos, Logos, Pathos, Kairos;


Be written in accordance with MLA documentation. Specifically, use the MLA no-title page heading; double space; use in-text citations for documenting your quotations from the essays; and your essay must contain a Works Cited page, giving the appropriate works cited entries for the sources used in your paper;


Contain no more than twenty percent of directly quoted material;


Be typed in Arial 12 point font;


Be within the word limit: 800-1100 words;


Be turned in on or before the due date.


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