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Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model

Due Friday September 22, 2023 by 11:00 pm

Must Read Everything: 

Reply to at least two classmate’s posts, applying the RISE Model for Meaningful Feedback

I will also show an example below of how the response needs to be addressed.

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Example Response (Response Needs to be writen just like the response below No copying)

RISE Feedback:

REFLECT: I concur with "Action plans should reflect the type of services that are needed and have an idea of the expected outcome of the services" because it is in line with Hatch and Hartline's intentional school counseling guidelines in regards to determining students needs.

INQUIRE: Can you further explain what "closing-the-gap action plans" are? 

SUGGEST: I encourage you to revisit Hatch and Hartline's MTMDSS tier interventions in order to add a citation that would illustrate your example on bullying prevention efforts. 

ELEVATE: What if you re-purposed "For example, after a needs assessment, the school is having problems with bullying" as "Following Trish Hatch's MTMDSS tier based interventions, if the school is having problems with bullying, after a needs assessment, we could… citation…"  for a more weighted argument?

ReferencesHatch, T., & Hartline, J. (2022). The use of data in school counseling: Hatching results (and so much more) for students, programs and the profession (2nd Ed.). Corwin.

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Below are the two classmate discussion post that you will need to respond to


Classmate Response 1- Laura

What do you think is the most important characteristic of a school counselor? What’s the most essential characteristic school counselors have that supports a caring/supportive school climate for all students? 

One of the most important characteristics of a school counselor is empathy. Empathy allows school counselors to connect with and understand the diverse needs and experiences of their students. It enables them to genuinely listen, validate feelings, and provide support, creating a caring and supportive school climate for all students. Empathy helps school counselors build rapport, cultivate inclusivity, provide more effective support, and it encourages students to feel comfortable expressing their emotions. While there are other important characteristics, empathy in my option is a cornerstone characteristic for school counselors. In addition to empathy, communication skills are equally crucial for school counselors in creating a caring and supportive school climate. Effective communication involves not only listening with empathy but also conveying information, guidance, and encouragement clearly and compassionately. It enables counselors to establish strong rapport with students, parents, teachers, and administrators, facilitating collaboration and trust-building within the school community.


Classmate Response 2- Kayla

Describe experiences related to any of the following: School structure/program development. 

This week I got to be a part of a PLC meeting which is once or twice a month for counselors. For my district the school counselors do this in a zoom meeting with 3-4 other counselors that are at different sites but same level since at the elementary level we only have one counselor per site. A PLC is not a just a meeting; rather, it is a way to use a collaborative process that includes evaluating student data, establishing goals, reflecting on practice, discovering new tactics, and making plans for actions. First, we did a self check-in to see how the school year has been going and went over the agenda. Then each counselor shared a positive about something there doing at their school site. I appreciated how they all supported one another and weren't afraid to talk about struggles, needing help, needing ideas and working together to find solutions. We also went over data and compared last year's August to this year's August of behavior incidents and students in tier 2 interventions. Our numbers had decreased while another sites sightly increased and we discussed possible reasons why and provided feedback for better outcomes. I really enjoyed this kind of team support especially when I am a first-year counselor to bounce ideas off of and gain from there experience/knowledge.