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RESPOND TO THIS DISCUSSION POST WITH A MIN OF 200 WORDS. Jessica, In this time and age, media exposure has become a



In this time and age, media exposure has become a social normal. Parents use this method for various reasons, some being for education, others for entertainment purposes. Adult life has become so hectic and rushed that many parents rely on media exposure on a daily basis. Consequently, this has decreased the amount of reading time and exposure to books in general. In addition, some preschools have implemented computer classes with educational programs which also exposes them to learning how to function a computer/tablet without adult help. Technological exposure in general has taken over educational systems, I compare this to when I was in school using hard cover books and sitting in a classroom with teachers using chalkboards. Now we see a completely different teaching dynamic; teachers use computers that project onto a white board that they use with erasable markers.  

When thinking of media exposure, I think of my children and how early they were exposed to the media. In this example I will use my son who was one at the time. I recall him watching educational videos. These videos were targeted for a little older than his age and the subject was all about math. Now the math that he was being exposed to was multiplication, division and geometry. As time went on I realized that my son, although being told what a triangle was, would always say it was a pyramid or another example a square for him was a cube. This told me that the videos he would watched somewhatconfused him into a more complex viewing of shapes. I am unsure if this had a long term affect on his cognitive development, I will say however that in school his favorite and most successful subject is indeed math. In my opinion, media exposure should always be limited and controlled, we live in entirely different times, one where technology is everywhere and used more and more what seems like everyday. Consequently to that advancement media exposure has been more and more early.  



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