Chat with us, powered by LiveChat respond to your classmates by examining the same works of art they examined. Provide your reflection on t | WriteDen

respond to your classmates by examining the same works of art they examined. Provide your reflection on t

 respond to your classmates by examining the same works of art they examined. Provide your reflection on the work, and consider how it is similar or different from their interpretations. 


 After looking through the museums I ended on napoleons apartment-grand salon. My first impression was how beautiful it is, I could only imagine how breathtaking it is in person. It is filled with such bright reds and golds with so many paintings over the walls and ceilings. I can not make out the details in most of the paintings, but they look like they are beautiful pieces. The specific picture I chose to discuss was the one with a round glass table with four black and burgundy chairs surrounding it. It has some type of sculpture sitting on it. Behind it on the wall is a mural of some sort full of greenery, columns designed with statuses at the top, a couple of birds, and some type of red fabric draped across what looks to be a balcony of some sort. The mural on the wall would be considered two-dimensional art because it is painted on a flat type of surface. I think the painting could be an egg tempura painting. Sachant, LeMieux, and Tekippe explained that colored pigments were mixed with egg yolk and that it was a paint that had to be used quickly because of its quick drying process (section The colors are so vibrant so I think egg tempura is the best possibility of what ink that was used.

I can not figure out how to add the picture.

Resource. (Links to an external site.)

Sachant, P. J., Blood, P., LeMieux, J., & Tekippe, R. (2016). Introduction to art: design, context, and meaning (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from


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