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The purpose of this assignment is to help students build communication skills, utilize evidence‐based researchrelevanttonursingpractice,andapplyconceptsofsafetyandqualityinnursingcareofadults.Thegoalsofthisassignmentareto:

• fosterteamworkandcollaborationthrougheffectivecommunication

• Utilizeresearchevidencetopromotesafeandqualitynursingcareforadultsinacutecaresettings.


CO 1. Provide effective professional nursing care for adult patients and their families in acute care settings usingthenursing process.(PO#1)



CO 8. Utilize nursing research literature while providing care to adult patients and their families in acute caresettings.(PO #8)





The student group must develop a case study based on an actual or potential clinical‐based situation on the adulthealth topics presented during the 8‐week session. The student group must present the topic and literature for thecasescenario.



1. Health History – age, gender, ethnicity, past and current medical history, chief complaint, and history of presentillnessonadmission.

2. Laboratory/DiagnosticTesting–describethediagnostictestsordered/completed,pertinentresults(includingnormaland abnormalranges),andrationalesfortheuseofeachdiagnostic test.

3. Collaborative Management – provide list of medications, treatments, dietary prescriptions, and procedures thathave been ordered, administered, completed, and/or pending. Additionally, provide an overview of members of thehealthcare team involved in managing the care of the person and family and the interdisciplinary goals that havebeen set. Briefly list the role of the team member in the patient’s care and the ways in which the nurse collaboratestomeet the interdisciplinarygoals.

4. Nursingmanagement–usingthenursingprocess,developtwoplansofcare‐1relatedtoonepriorityphysiologicalnursing diagnosis and 1 related to one priority psychosocial nursing diagnosis. Please include the followinginformationineachplanofcare:

• Prioritynursingdiagnosis

• shortand1long‐termgoal

• to5nursinginterventionswithrationalestatements,

• to5evaluativestatements basedoninterventions,and

• Aminimumof3potentialpatienteducationneedsforconsideration.



• Students must receive approval from the faculty on the selected topic for the case study presentationassignment.Thefaculty willfacilitateselectionoftopicsduring class.

• Eachstudentinthegroupmustcontributetothedevelopmentofthecasestudyinformation.

• Each student group must submit a typed paper containing the Health History, Laboratory/diagnostic testing, and collaborative management elements of the case study. This should be no longer than 1-2 pages.

• Each student group must submit a typed plan of care addressing the priority physiological nursing diagnosis and a typed plan of care addressing the priority psychological nursing diagnosis. Student Groups may choose to submit a concept map for each priority nursing diagnoses instead of the care plan. If the group chooses to use a concept map, it must incorporate the same information required for the plans of care.

• Each student group must submit a reference list with each member’s nursing care plan or concept map, formatted according to APA 7TH edition. A minimum of at least three (3) references are required for this assignment. Student must cite at least two (2) research or evidence‐based practice (EBP) sources. All resources must be within 5 years of publication.

• Eachstudentgroupisrequiredtodevelopandpresenta15minutepresentationonatopicfromthecasestudy, the plan of care or the concept map.Each group presentation will all an additional 5 minutes forquestionsandanswersrelevantto thecontentofthepresentationand/ortheclinicalexperience.


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