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How has Russia’s overall geography changed

1. How has Russia's overall geography changed after the Cold War? What are some of Russia's geographic challenges today? What future challenges do you see for this region in terms of geography? PART I: SHORT ESSAY Please answer the following question in a 1-2 page short essay using APA Format. Please be sure to use the course readings and/or other outside documented research to support all of your ideas, facts, and opinions.

Pick any individual region in Russia and then describe and explain its individual physical, historical, economic, political, cultural/human, and religious/spiritual geography. How and why is it different than the countries it borders? What future challenges do you see for this country? Have you ever visited this country before? Would you like to if you have not? Why or why not? PART II: GEOGRAPHY JOURNAL

Task #1. Please utilize LIRN (you may visit the Academic Resource Center for a guide on how to utilize LIRN successfully) and search for one peer reviewed research article that covers any of the following: identify the major geographic features of Russia in relation to Russia’s difficult natural environment and human adaptations to it. describe the events that made possible the expansion of the Russian Empire through the 17th to 19th centuries. analyze the political and economic growth and demise of the Soviet Union.

identify the regional components of Russia’s core and its influence on the rest of the country. describe the industrial areas that dominate the rail corridor of trans-Ural Russia. discuss the challenges and resource-development opportunities of Russia’s largest region. explain the development of Russia’s Pacific Rim and opportunities for increased trading ties with China and Japan. Then write a 1-2 page review/reaction/reflection paper describing that article using APA format (please visit the Academic Resource Center for a concise guide on APA format). Be sure to include the following: Goals/Objectives: What is the purpose of the article? What does it attempt to solve, determine, or demonstrate? Data: Which data are assessed or analyzed to determine if the goals/objectives are met?

Methods: What specific methodology is used to analyze the data in the context of the goals? Analysis/Conclusion: What resulted from methods being applied to the data? What do the author(s) conclude from the analysis or how do they interpret the analysis/results? Your critical review of the article must include the following: Assessment: Were the goals and objectives clearly stated? Did the goals match the methods and results? Was the article easy to follow? Importance: What, in your view, is the importance of this research?What impactdoesknowing this have on geography? Improvement: What, if anything, could the author(s) have done to improve the article? Reaction: What is your opinion of the research conducted? Task #2. For Modules 2-8, you will reflect on the specific region and then will turn in your complete work (for Modules 2-8) at the completion of Module 8.

You will only turn in a rough draft of your Task #2 work in this module’s homework assignment. Please write a 1-2 page reflection paper on how the physical, economic, political, historical, and cultural/human geography of theRussian region or realm would impact you if you lived there. You can compile this as a document, PowerPoint Presentation, or even create an online blog (please ask instructor). You can also set this up as a diary with daily entries. Be creative.


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