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SCI 100 Module Three Activity Template: Finalizing Your Scientific Research

Attached below is Module 3 Template, The previous assignment to reference for this assignment, and the instructions.

APA format for citations

Password for the previous assignment will be given after bid is accepted.

SCI 100 Module Three Activity Template: Finalizing Your Scientific Research Question


Select one research question from those you wrote in the previous module. Use instructor feedback and what you have learned thus far in the course to revise your research question. Then, write your finalized research question below.


The following example may provide some guidance on revising your own research question.

Main idea of news story:

The types of bacteria that live in the gut of people with chronic fatigue syndrome are different from the bacteria in people who do not have the disease. This indicates that there may be a connection between gut bacteria and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Possible research questions:

What is the relationship between abnormal gut bacteria and inflammation?

What is the relationship between gut bacteria and chronic fatigue syndrome?

What is the relationship between inflammation and chronic fatigue syndrome?

Finalized research question:

1. How could abnormal gut bacteria cause chronic fatigue syndrome?

Finalize your scientific research question related to the main idea of your chosen news story.

[Insert finalized question here.]

Explain how your beliefs, assumptions, and values may have impacted your research question.

[Insert text.]



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