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Theme of political resistance in Arabic sci-fi literature

2-4 pieces of literature to focus on:
– Who Remembers the Sea by Mohamed Dib
– The Queue by Basma Abdelaziz
– A Weapon Fashioned of Waste by Muhammad Mattar

– Focus on how certain Arabic sci-fi literature represent political resistance
– What does resistance look like in the context of sci-fi?
– How does resistance show up in these texts?
– How do these texts define resistance?
– Supplement these texts with other material (such as other Arab or Western sci-fi literature that talk about resistance) and compare how political resistance is brought up in them
– Support material: sci-fi as a genre, the political contexts of each text which clearly inform the literature at hand and why they were written, secondary scholarship on resistance (use secondary sources to support argument)
– Must have a thesis statement
– Use direct quotes from each text to support argument