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Self-Edit Comp 2

ENGL1301 Composition 1

Assignment Self-Edit Comp 2

Directions: Read the Editing Rules Lesson PowerPoint. Once you have typed your Composition #2 Rough Draft (which should meet the 800-1100 word limit), complete the following steps. Be sure to save as you go so you will not lose any work.


Check your title. Is it original and descriptive? If not, change it now.


 Highlight your thesis statement in yellow. Does it encompass the whole intent of the essay? Is it clear and specific? Does it follow the rules and suggestions listed in the UNC handout? (Links to an external site.)


 Read or reread the Comp 2 PowerPoint Lesson on Aristotle’s Appeals (Ethos, Logos, Pathos, Kairos). Do you use any of these techniques to appeal to your audience? If not, think about how you can incorporate one or more of the appeals into your argument and add some sentences that would be considered either Ethos, Logos, Pathos, or Kairos. Highlight these sentences in turquoise. Note: You will not actually use the words “Ethos, Logos, Pathos or Kairos.” These are techniques that you utilize, not ideas that you discuss in your paper.


 Highlight the topic sentences of each first body paragraphs in green. Your topic sentences should effectively introduce your paragraphs. Change the topic sentences as needed.


 Highlight the concluding sentence of each paragraph in pink. The last sentence should give closure to the paragraph.  It may also hint at what will be said next.  Change the concluding sentences as needed.


 Examine the syntax of your essay. Do you use a variety of sentence structures and sentence lengths? Is your language specific and concise? If not, change some of your sentences now.


 Examine the conclusion of your paper. Is it meaningful?


 Italicize at least three sentences where you are certain you used commas correctly. Fix any comma mistakes. Read the rules following comma rules and make sure all of your sentences follow these rules: (Links to an external site.)


 Check for MLA formatting. (Links to an external site.)


 Save a copy of your work (with highlighting, underlining, italicizing and any other notes you would like to include) and submit.


 Note: Please remove all italics and highlighting before turning in the final draft of this paper.


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