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skills for building personal credibility and influencing others

As we move through the semester, part of our focus is always on your personal leadership development. This week, we are learning skills for building personal credibility and influencing others. It's been established that it is not unusual to find leaders acting in ways that are misaligned with their personal values which can make it more difficult to lead teams and be effective within an organization. As you've read, one way to assess the degree to which leaders are living according to their personal values, and being effective, is by asking what they truly believe in and what they spend their time, energy and money on. How can that help you define yourself as a leader? Let's find out!

There are five parts to this assignment, each worth 5 points when posted in the Forum. Read the instructions carefully and actively complete all parts of the assignment so you earn all 25 points possible. You will each be starting your own thread.

1] Listyour top five values – the top five things you believe in. Give this part of the exercise careful consideration. These can be listed as words such as "power", "respect", "freedom", "money", "intellectual stimulation", etc. Create ones that describe exactly what you believe are your values. There are no wrong answers and no one will be judging anyone else on what they choose. If you choose not to post the entire list that is up to you.

2] Review your calendar, phone, PC and other records to identify where you spend the most time, energy and money. It is your call how you manage this information to put it into a list that makes sense to you and relates to your values list. Share only what you wish to as you post.

3] Assess yourself. Are the two lists aligned? Are you most likely living according to your values? Are there discrepancies and if so, where? Share your status in this regard using whatever supporting information you are comfortable, keeping in mind this forum allows everyone in the class to see how they compare with others and to learn from the differences, very valuable in the learning process!

4] Find yourself on the Credibility Matrix found on page 282 in your book in Figure 8.1. Are you in quadrant 1,2 3 or 4? What does that say about you as a leader at this point in time? Where do you see a gap? What do you plan to do about it?

5] Create and post a leadership credo that belongs only to you!



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