Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Stanley Milgram’s obedience to authority experiment is one of the most controversial studies in psychology’s history. Access and read the GCU Statement on the Integration - Writeden

Stanley Milgram's obedience to authority experiment is one of the most controversial studies in psychology's history. Access and read the GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work. Considering this example, how might a person with a Christian worldview approach these types of experiments from an ethical standpoint?


A s a university, we believe that the message of Jesus Christ bears profound implications, not only for individuals, but also for society and the ways that we as individuals live within it. The Lord Jesus instructed His followers to live

as salt and light within society, which implies a call to live out our lives in ways that contribute to the common good. We are convinced that this call extends to the workplace and that our respective vocations represent vital opportunities to glorify God by serving others in ways that promote human flourishing. Therefore, by God’s grace, we seek to distinguish ourselves as a university by instilling a sense of vocational calling and purpose in our students, faculty and staff in accord with the following principles:

WE BELIEVE that God’s Word speaks authoritatively about creation, fall and redemption as well as the restoration of all things through Christ Jesus. Therefore, we are convinced that the Christian worldview offers hope of restoration, not only for individuals, but also for families, communities and societies in which individuals live, work and serve one another.

WE BELIEVE that God the Almighty created the world, placed human beings within it and blessed them by making them responsible for cultivating and caring for creation. Therefore, we are assured that our work within the world matters to God and our neighbors, and that we honor God by serving others in ways that promote human flourishing.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is both Savior and Lord and that all who follow Jesus should seek His Kingdom and His righteousness in relation to all aspects of human experience, including culture and society. Therefore, we have resolved to carry out our work within the public arena with compassion, justice and concern for the common good.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection secured abundant and eternal life for all who believe and that Christ transforms all that we say and do. Therefore, we are convinced that Grand Canyon University should positively impact those who study

at, work for and live near the university in ways that accord with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE that mankind was originally created in the image of God and given responsibility over creation, but that all have failed to fulfill their God-given purpose and responsibility. We believe that God redeems and restores men and women in Christ, creating them anew for the good works He has prepared them to do. Therefore, we are confident that the work we do is a part of God’s calling on our lives and a means by which we can glorify God as we meet others’ needs.

WE BELIEVE that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is essential for salvation and that the work of God’s Spirit in the human heart invariably results in renewed purpose and the growth of Christ-like love for neighbors and neighborhoods. Therefore, we are certain that God is working to restore the broken lives and communities of this fallen world through the collective gifts, talents, skills and resources of those who have been transformed by the power of the gospel.

WE BELIEVE that salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone and involves redemption of the whole person. Therefore, we are convinced that the Christian life must involve compassion and care, not only for the spiritual needs of mankind, but also for basic physical needs that stem from poverty, oppression and injustice.

WE BELIEVE in the spiritual unity of all believers in Christ and that evangelism and societal engagement are duties of the Christian life. Therefore, we are devoted to demonstrating the love of Jesus together as we share the gospel message and shape society according to the principles of His Kingdom.

WE BELIEVE that the gospel message denounces evil and injustice while offering hope for reconciliation to Christ and the restoration of human culture and society through Him. Therefore, we recognize and embrace the potential of human work for furthering the greater good and strive to further the good of the culture and the society through education and the embodiment of biblical principles related to goodness and justice.

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!” (Psalm 90:17).