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Students should then critically evaluate the study using the ideas learned in class

The article can be found here… “Can Breakfast Make Kids Smarter?”

This media critique focus on issues related to correlational research that we discussed during the Week 5 and Week 6 lectures. You can comment on other aspects of the research too (e.g., characteristics of science, sampling, measurement, etc.), but primary focus should be on the correlational research design and the implications (i.e., strengths and limitations) of this type of research. I have posted lecture for week 5 and 6 here.

Write the critique

When writing the critique, students should start with a brief summary of what the media report said about the research article (0.5 page). Then discuss the research article itself; briefly discuss its purpose, methods, results, and conclusions; try to summarize these things in a way that captures the important points, but is still quite concise (1 page max).

Students should then critically evaluate the study using the ideas learned in class. Your goal is to consider a particular aspect of the research methodology based on the key themes and issues discussed in recent lectures and assigned readings. For the first assignment, students should focus on issues related to operations, measurement, and descriptive research approaches; when critiquing the article, be sure to comment on (and provide supporting details and examples from the article concerning) at least two or three issues relevant to descriptive research (read the Methods and Results carefully – don’t just list things!). For the second assignment, students should focus on issues related to correlational research methods; be sure to critique and comment on issues related to the correlational aspect of the research! For the third assignment, students should focus on issues related to experimental methods (1.5 pages max). NOTE: Throughout the term the instructor will highlight aspects of descriptive, correlational, and experimental research designs that students should consider when critiquing the media reports and research articles.

After discussing the research article, students should then relate it to the original media report. Did the media report describe the study accurately? Did the media report draw conclusions or inferences different from those of the researchers? Do you feel that the media report was a fair summary of what happened in the research study? (1 page max).

Students will also need to include a reference section containing the references for the media report and the research article. An abstract or title page is not necessary. Use APA style throughout. If you need a refresher on APA style, check out… rmat.html


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