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Submit your Community Health Assessment individual write-up.

NU510 Community Based Nursing

Week 7 Assignment  

Submit your Community Health Assessment individual write-up.

Consult the Community Health Assessment Guidelines for complete details regarding this assignment.


Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.


Community Health Assessment Project


The Community Health Assessment (CHA) Project has two major components:


CHA Group ePoster


CHA Individual Write-Up


CHA Group ePoster


With your group, choose the health issue / client / population.


Assessment: Divide up the assessment pieces below. Take note of strengths and areas which need improvement. Focus on your identified community health assessment topic.


Review of the Literature on your selected topic. (What does the literature show as interventions, etc.?)


Windshield Survey


Interviews with Key Informants if available


Gather Population Data: Epidemiological Data


Census Statistics


Morbidity / Mortality


Cultural Diversity / Ethnic










History of ….community


Protective Systems (Police/Fire/Ambulance/Court)


Food Supply Systems


Educational Systems


Communication Systems


Health Systems


Political Systems


Environmental Systems








Waste Management




Analyze Data: Ask yourselves: What is good, what needs change? Where are interventions needed? What are the nursing diagnoses? What is your goal/s?


Goal Planning: List goals with identified intervention. Go into the research and see what has been done before, what validates your findings, what has nursing done?


Create/Identify interventions: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary


Create a group ePoster using the template provided.


CHA Individual Write-Up


Introduction to Selected Health Topic and Community


1-2 pages in length


Identify the purpose, aim, direction of the project. Include brief epidemiological statistics, which validate purpose and aim. Use text/HP 2020/literature to validate.


Assessment Data: Include data appropriate for your specific CHA. (Example: Windshield Survey, U.S. & State Government Statistics, Town/City Stats)


Describe specific characteristics of the selected community that includes boundaries, geographical description, map, government, community services, history, organized religions, cultural background/s, significant characteristics.


Full epidemiology review. Web of Causation should be included.


Develop a demographic profile which includes census information (total population, age, sex, racial/ethnic composition, marital status stats, economic characteristics, education, employment, household data, language, etc) and vital statistics (birth rate, teen birth rate, death rate, infant mortality rate, leading causes of death, violent acts).


Environment influences including identified pollution problems, air quality, sanitation, urban vs. rural issues, public transportation availability


Health care delivery systems data regarding access and adequacy (immunizations, insurance issues)


Assess existing programs and resources (existing interventions).


Literature Research on Selected Health Topic


50% nursing research articles/25% research from other disciplines 25% from web based and/or textbooks (articles should be no older than 3 years unless historically significant for topic).


No Lay Press


Web-based / internet sources should NOT include Wikipedia-type sources


Diagnosis and Interventions – Be creative – Think outside the box – Include others – Collaborative, Innovative, Realistic, Time-frames included


Propose realistic collaborative interventions aimed at the aggregate level related to the community selected and health topic.


Community (nursing) interventions involve developing a plan to promote health or reduce risks for vulnerable populations. Therefore, a problem or goal statement and objectives should be included. Describe the intervention(s)/program to meet goals and objectives. Use time periods and build upon existing resources that you have identified in your assessment. If no existing resources, state such in the write-up.


How will you assess your interventions are helping, useful, appropriate? Be sure to include assessment methods.


APA format is required. This includes margins, font, and use of tables. No abstract required. Attention should also be paid to spelling, grammar, logical presentation and writing style as well as adequate use of references that are applicable and support the premise of the project.


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