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The Carter Cleaning Company cases are a written homework assignment where you’ll apply HR Managemen


The Carter Cleaning Company cases are a written homework assignment where you'll apply HR Management concepts to a small business in need of sound HR practices.  Your responses should demonstrate that you can correctly identify and apply relevant concepts we study in class.  Think of this assignment as the quality of your advice that you'll give to Jennifer.


  1. Carefully read the Carter Cleaning Company Cases for all of the chapters in Unit 4 (7, 8. 9*), making note of the pertinent information and issues.  For each question below, identify the relevant HR Management concept from the chapter. 
  2. Using this concept, construct a thorough and unique response to the questions.  Be sure to provide support in order to justify your response.   You can use examples from class discussion, your work experience, and the case details.
  3. Submit your assignment on or before the due date.

*Note-Chapters 10/11 are not included in the assignment, but are still part of Unit 4. 

Your work is evaluated according to the rubric here in this assignment. 

Case Questions:

  1. Discuss the problems/issues at hand at Carter Cleaning for this unit.
  2. Jennifer has asked you for your assistance with onboarding activities.  Develop an agenda of topics and activities that would be included in day 1 of a new employee orientation.
  3. Utilize job instruction training to develop an aid for the procedures at the front counter.
  4. Why should Jennifer believe that all employees should have a performance appraisal? Describe what the steps would be for the performance appraisal process at Carter Cleaning.  How would the process differ for the managers versus the other store associates?
  5. What are the benefits to a career planning program at Carter Cleaning?


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