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The first Module in CIS210 will familiarize you with the basic parts of Excel and show you a very simple worksheet.

CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet

Module 1 Discussion

DQ1 The first Module in CIS210 will familiarize you with the basic parts of Excel and show you a very simple worksheet.

Think of each worksheet as a large sheet of paper in a book.


Describe the names of all the parts of the Excel window. These names will be used over and over again throughout the text, so their understanding of key terms will help you to build your knowledge and execute assignments with ease.


Share your previous experiences using Excel. Did you use the Microsoft desktop app? The online version, Google sheets? or other?


What features do you like and why? Did you try online collaboration?


Did you find any issues installing Microsoft Office from using your falcons email?


DQ2 Think of examples where a worksheet would be beneficial (for example, to keep track of income for a fund drive for their club, budgeting, holiday gift tracker, etc).


Select a use for a worksheet and develop the planning and analysis, prepare a list of questions that need to be answered with the planning of the worksheet.




CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet


Module 2 Discussion


DQ1 Now that you have created your first charts, repeat the process, only create a different type of chart. Go back to one of the charts you have previously created and repeat the steps for creating the chart but this time, you should explore the options and make other choices than those in the book. You can create any type of chart you want and you can choose any other options you want.


Describe what you did differently this time and why you made the choices you did.


DQ2 This week we have learned about how Microsoft Excel can specifically assist with helping a company.


Taking this as a jumping-off point for your own business (future business), please discuss a company that you would be interested in starting and what you would use Excel for to help with that.


You may like to review the link below or do your own search for ideas:












CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet


Module 3 Discussion


DQ1 List 3 new skills and strategies you have learned in Excel during the past 2 weeks.


Identify collaboration and social business.


How do you think the systems, tools, and technologies discussed so far support collaboration and social business?


You may like to review the link below or conduct your own research to enrich your discussion ( Please share your resources):


DQ2 This week we looked at the ‘needs’ of using Excel and how to write a formula.


Taking what you know about your work environment (or any experience you have using Excel), please describe how you determine the ‘need’ or using Excel.


Do you find it beneficial to create a complex set of formulas or is it best to create simple formulas?  Why or why not for either of the answers?




CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet


Module 4 Discussion


DQ1 In one paragraph, describe one social impact of Excel on everyday life.


In a second paragraph, describe one ethical impact of Excel on everyday life.


Each paragraph should have a minimum of five sentences.


DQ2 This week we have looked at the idea of making Excel user-friendly.


Spreadsheet designers should invest time and effort in planning and developing the sheet to meet the Business’s ultimate goals and requirements. Spreadsheet designers should test the functions, as well as the formulas, to ensure that the spreadsheet is functioning well, and it is visually appealing.


Review the instructional materials you have learned so far, and search the internet to answer the following questions:


Discuss 5 recommendations to build a reliable spreadsheet?


Discuss 5 tips you recommend to build a visually appealing spreadsheet.












CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet


Module 5 Discussion


DQ1 By now, you are finding that Excel has a lot to offer in terms of applications to help boost a business.  From general accounting to inventory to the overall tracking of balances, Excel can be fully integrated into what a business needs.


Taking what you learned so far, what and how do you see Excel working in the business environment you currently work in (or want to work in)?


DQ2 Spreadsheet programs are used in most businesses today. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers have a lot of similarities.  Using any of the spreadsheet software, you can enter data, link workbooks, apply mathematical formulas, functions, and charts. Spreadsheets have a range of tools and features to save, manage, and analyze data.


What is Excel’s what-if analysis tools:


Goal Seek


Scenario Manager


Data Table


PMT function


What are Pivot Tables?


Pivot Tables and What-if analysis have endless possibilities, list 3 of the most important uses of Pivot Tables and what-if analysis for business owners.




CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet


Module 6 Discussion


DQ1 By now you have had multiple weeks working with Excel.


Thinking about what the software is (and what it isn’t), what tool do you see as the most valuable and what tool do you see as having no value to you.


Explain both of your positions.


DQ2 This week, please discuss the following questions:


What do you think are some of the better functionality items that Excel has to offer for security?


Compare MS Excel 365 online, Google Sheets, and Apple Numbers. List at least 3 similarities and 3 differences.










CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet


Module 7 Discussion


DQ1 This week you have learned how to create a macro with the macro recorder.


Initially, what are the limitations of the process?


Do you think you could create a recorded macro for almost any application? Why or why not?




Watch the video below about adding hyperlinks and external page linkage to your Excel documents.


When do you think this would be a good idea for your line of work and what situations would this be bad?



Dot Image


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