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The gallbladder is involved in fat metabolism.

•  Question 1 The gallbladder is involved in fat metabolism.





•  Question 2 The conversion of carbohydrate to ATP is an anabolic process.






•  Question 3 Protein is made of amino acids.






•  Question 4 HDL is considered “good cholesterol.”






•  Question 5 Cholesterol found in food directly elevates the body’s blood cholesterol levels.






•  Question 6 Gloconeogensis is a process that the body uses to generate glucose when blood sugar falls too low.






•  Question 7 Which of the following is NOT a fat soluble vitamin?


1.            C


2.            A


3.            D


4.            E


•  Question 8 Glucose is a monosaccharide.






•  Question 9 Which of the following is a trace mineral, meaning the body needs small quantities on a regular basis to sustain health?


1.            Calcium


2.            Iron


3.            Water


4.            Vitamin E


•  Question 10 Omega-3 is a type of ______ .


1.            Polyunsaturated fat


2.            Monounsaturated fat


3.            Trans fat


4.            Hydrogenated fat


•  Question 11 Prolonged elevated protein metabolism may overwhelm kidneys with urea and ammonia byproducts.






•  Question 12 The Krebs cycle is an essential catabolic process to convert food to the body’s fuel of ATP.






•  Question 13 Which of the following is an anabolic reaction?


1.            Glycolysis


2.            Gloconeogenesis


3.            Lipolysis


4.            Proteolysis


•  Question 14 Which macronutrient begins digestion within the mouth?


1.            Carbohydrate


2.            Fat


3.            Protein


4.            Vitamin C


•  Question 15 Soluble fiber helps in cholesterol absorption.






•  Question 16


Which term describes the conversion of excess glucose to fat?


1.            Lipolysis


2.            Glycerol


3.            Catabolism


4.            Lipogenesis


•  Question 17 Which type of fat is thought to have cardio-protective benefits?


1.            Trans


2.            Saturated


3.            Unsaturated


4.            Hydrogenated


•  Question 18 Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body, so they must be obtained from food or supplements. How many essential amino acids are there?


1.            6


2.            9


3.            15


4.            20


•  Question 19 Disaccharides are absorbed in the small intestine.






•  Question 20 Ketones are a byproduct of _____ metabolism.


1.            Carbohydrate


2.            Protein


3.            Nucleic acid


4.            Fat


•  Question 21 Which type of fat is liquid at room temperature?


1.            Unsaturated


2.            Saturated


3.            Trans


4.            Mineral


•  Question 22 Which of the following nutrients provides energy for the body?


1.            Carbohydrates


2.            Minerals


3.            Vitamins


4.            Water


•  Question 23 Which of the following carbohydrates is most easily transformed to ATP to supply the body’s energy?


1.            Galactose


2.            Glucose


3.            Fructose


4.            Fiber


•  Question 24 What macronutrient is easiest for the body to digest?


1.            Fat


2.            Carbohydrate


3.            Protein


4.            Water


•  Question 25 Complex carbohydrates are made of _____.


1.            Monosaccharides


2.            Polysaccharides


3.            Glucose


4.            Fructose


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