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Hazardous Chemicals Briefing at Your Job

Regardless of where you work or plan to work with the degree you obtain, chemicals will be involved. Look for a particularly hazardous chemical involved in your current workplace or one you might find in a future workplace, and prepare a presentation to brief your coworkers on the dangers of said chemical. Your presentation should include the following:

the molecular structure of hazardous chemical;

identification of the type of molecule (ionic or covalent);

identification of whether the molecule is polar or nonpolar and what that means with the situation(s) using the chemical;

relation of its chemical behavior to its structure;

if it is a large molecule, the identification of one central atom and its VSEPR shape;

identification of at least three bonds within the molecule and their bond lengths and enthalpies; and

any warnings or special precautions your coworkers must take when working with the chemical. (Hint: refer to the substance’s material safety data sheet that can be found through an online search.)

For full credit your presentation, you must show originality and inventiveness. All graphics and texts must be appropriate and support the theme and content of the presentation. Your chosen theme or background must be consistent across all slides, appropriate to the topic, and not distracting. The presentation should be at least seven slides in length. Please pay attention to spelling, proper grammar, and punctuation. You must use at least two sources, one of which may be the textbook and at least one other must be from the CSU Online Library. Be sure to include proper APA citations for any information obtained through external resources. Title and reference slides do not count toward the minimum slide requirement.


Note- Please include pictures and colorful background graphics related to the subject of Chemistry. I appreciate it. Thank you!