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The paper has to be four to five pages.? Plea

The paper has to be four to five pages.  Please do not write more than four to five pages.  I will stop reading on the fifth page and you will get graded off what I read.  For each page over five pages I will take off 10 points for each page.  The font size of the paper must be 12 in Time New Roman.   Please do not try to use a bigger font size to make your paper four or five pages.  Please double space the whole document.  If the paper not four to five pages, I will not read the paper and you will receive a zero on the project part.  Please use MLA formatting for reference page.  Please make sure you have a reference page and cite all sources.   Please have the paper in APA formatting.  Please google an example of APA formatting.  No plagiarism. Make sure you cite all your sources.  Paper Outline

  • History (Who created it, What year, Who uses it?  General History)
  • Definition
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Interesting Facts
  • Example of where it is used.
  • What audience uses this product?
  • And many more information you think is important.
  • Conclusion

Note:  Please make sure you have lead in sentences

  • The research papers are to be written in your words.  Copy and paste is unacceptable unless it is cited.
  • Must include the following:
    • Cover page with title and your name
    • Introduction/overview of topic and issues to be discussed
    • Background, description, and/or history 
    • Advantages, Disadvantages, etc.
    • Summary (your comments or evaluation)
    • List of at least three references.
  • Library, Internet sites, Topics from Class

Write a paper that compares black-box testing to white-box testing, including an analysis of when each type of test is most appropriate.

Research and write a paper that explains how the CMMI-Dev model improves software quality.

Spend some time researching careers in systems safety engineering. What specific education and training are required to obtain entry-level and advanced positions as a system safety engineer? Visit the website of the American Society of Safety Engineers for additional background on this field (

Design an ethics training program for low-level employees, and describe what changes (if any) should be made to the same program in order to target middle management.

Write an essay discussing the ethics, risks, and benefits of using cookies and spyware to track customer browsing and online purchasing habits.

1. Write a paper researching the various ways companies are trying to reduce the use of illegal software by their employees in a time when many employees use personal devices, as well as employer-provided devices, to complete their work.

Design an acceptable use policy for a software company that creates online advertising tailored to individuals based on the subjects they input into various search engines. Keep in mind that the employees of such a company would need unlimited access to the Internet.

Write a paper surveying some of the top vendor certifications in a particular field, and discuss the trade-off between the usefulness and cost of each certificate.

Design a security education program for employees.

Write a paper about the Conficker, Storm, or ILOVEYOU worm, including an analysis of why it spread as quickly and widely as it did, and what steps could have been taken to prevent its spread.

Research the Equifax data breach that was announced in September of 2017. Write a one-page paper showing the results of your research (including a timeline of the events related to the incident, such as the date the breach was detected and when it was announced to the public). Evaluate Equifax’s response to this cyberattack.

Research the use of data from vehicle event data recorders (EDRs) in criminal cases related to automobile accidents. Has this data been used to convict drivers of negligence—or even vehicular manslaughter or homicide? Is the data from EDRs generally accepted as accurate in court? Can you find instances in which the data from an EDR was found to be inaccurate?

Write a paper comparing and contrasting privacy policies in Germany, or another European Union country, and privacy policies in the United States.

Write a paper discussing the ethics and consequences (including effects on productivity and morale) of different types of workplace monitoring.

Design a computer usage policy for a company that is trying to establish a working environment in which a priority is placed on preserving corporate network capacity, avoiding legal liability, and improving worker productivity by limiting the nonbusiness use of information resources?

2. Write a paper that outlines the difficulty in designing legislation to control objectionable material on the Internet, including a description of such attempts in the past.

3. Research doxing, including the extent to which it is being used as a tool to shut down free speech or publicly shame people for their words or actions. Write a paper outlining your point of view about doxing. Is doxing ethical? Would you be willing to engage in it if the target was someone you felt was engaging in hate speech or some type of hateful or dangerous actions?

Research and write a paper on the current status of congressional investigations into whether or not Russia engaged in the spread of fake news stories leading up to and after the election of 2016. Have any of these investigations come to a conclusion? If so, what are those conclusions? (When performing your research, carefully consider the sources you use, and verify information using more than one source.) Compare the results of your research with fellow students. Did people come to different conclusions based on their research?

Research and write a paper about the efforts of at least one pharmaceutical company to protect one of its patents by transferring it to a Native American tribe—which plans to claim sovereign immunity as grounds for dismissing any patent challenges. The following article could be used as a starting point for your research: “Allergan Pays Mohawk Tribe to Protect Patents from Challenges,” Reuters (

Research the current status of a highly publicized trade secret lawsuit in which Waymo (a unit of Google’s parent, Amazon) is seeking $2.6 billion in damages for a single trade secret Waymo alleges Uber stole. Write a paper providing your thoughts on the case. Should Uber have hired the Waymo employee in the first place? Could one trade secret actually be worth $2.6 billion? Has Waymo been able to prove that it was harmed by the actions of its former employee? Did it adequately prove that Uber actually got possession of the trade secret in question?

Write an essay about the history and benefits of the Open Source movement.


Step 2:  Requirements is to Submit PowerPoint Presentation to Blackboard.   No pdf documents accepted for slides.

Step 3:  Maximum amount Slides and Requirements for Power Points and Presentation Delivery.

· You must create a slide presentation in power point of ten (10) slides.  

· Please do not have more than ten slides.  

· I will stop reading/listening on the tenth slide and you will be graded off what I read/listened to.  

· For exceeding the maximum required power points you will receive 10 points reduction.

· The font size of the slides must be 12 or 14 in Time New Roman.  

· Please do not try to use a bigger font size to make your power point ten slides and please double space.  

· If the power point is not ten slides, I will not read/listen power point and you will receive a zero on the project.  

· No plagiarism.  Make sure you cite your sources.


Step 4:  Required Writeup for the Power point Slides

Requirement for Slides  

· Pick a topic dealing with economic social impact information technology (Brief Explanation of Topic)

· Problem (State the Problem)

· Provide Examples supporting the Issues

· Brief History

· Definitions (Important keywords on subject manner)

· Advantages (List out some Advantages, and provide an Example of an Advantage)

· Disadvantages (List out some Disadvantages, and provide an Example of an Disadvantage)

· Interesting Facts about Subject Matter

· Who uses it today?

· Conclusion

Please label each slide using the Bullet Points to make sure you are meeting the requirements for the Final Project. 

For Example:

· First Slide: Title Page Slide (Title and Your Name) Please do not include your Banner ID or Professor Name on Title Page

· Second Slide:  Outline Slide (All the Bullet Points Listed under Step 4) 

The following Example of the Outline should be in your Outline Slide

Example of the Outline under Step 4: 

Title:   Outline

Topic dealing with economic social impact information technology


· Problem Statement

· Provide Example(s) of Supporting the Issue

· History

· Important Keywords

· Advantages 

· Disadvantages

· Focus on Interesting Facts about Subject Matter

· Who uses this today?

· Conclusion

· Third Slide:  Problem Statement Slide (State the problem clearly)

· Fourth Slide:  Example(s) supporting the Issue(s) Slides

· Fifth Slide:   Brief History Slide

· Etc. (Until Covered all Areas in Step 4)


· The reference page, outline, and the title page is not included in the 10 slide count.  Make sure you have a conclusion slide.


 Step 5:  Grading Rubric:  10 points off for each of the following:  

1. Going over the five minutes on your portion of the presentation.

2. Going under five minute on your portion of the presentation.

3. Presentation not flowing together. 

4. Eye contact, posture, and poor communication  

5. Reading from slide to slide

6. And not sure of what you’re talking about.

7. Please make sure you have 10 slides only. (no more or less)


Step 6:  Required Etiquette for Final Project Video and Power Point slides


Grammar, Spelling and Fonts 

a. This etiquette for Final Project is part of a college course, so your writing style should conform to the rules of standard English. Here are some guidelines for Final Project

· Avoid slang (e.g., "Wassup?", "Yo," and so forth).

· Don't curse. 

· Use standard spelling: 

· you (not u)

· are (not r)

· to or too (not 2) 

· you're (not ure) 

· right (not rite) 

· I (not i) 

a. Use the spell check!  Mistakes in spelling and grammar reflect poorly on you, and they're not acceptable.

b. Stick to standard fonts  Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, 12 or 14 pt. — in Black only.


Focus Keep writing to the point and stay on topic. When writing, keep sentences straight to point and brief so that readers do not get lost in wordy paragraphs and miss the point of the statement on power point slides.


Be Concise In your presentation and power point slides try to be straight to the point although. Too little is just as troublesome as too much!



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