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The power of judicial review was first asserted in the case of Marbury v. Madison.

GOVT2305 Federal Government

Module 7 Quiz

Question 1The power of judicial review was first asserted in the case of Marbury v. Madison.






 Question 2The Circuit Courts are the chief trial courts of the federal system.






 Question 3The doctrine of judicial restraint holds that policy decisions in nearly every instance should be decided by elected lawmakers and not by appointed judges.






 Question 4The Constitution requires that Supreme Court justices be U.S. citizens, either by birth or through naturalization.






 Question 5The U.S. legal system developed primarily from the Spanish common-law tradition.






 Question 6The federal district court judges in Texas are selected through partisan elections.






 Question 7The Supreme Court is an appellate court and, therefore, does not have authority to be the first court to hear any case.






 Question 8Which of the following is not a subject matter over which the federal courts have jurisdiction?


  suits regarding divorce proceedings


  suits between citizens from different states


  suits involving a law passed by Congress


  suits regarding incidents at sea


 Question 9The U.S. District Courts in Texas fall under the authority of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.






 Question 10The language in the Constitution, “shall hold their offices during good behavior,” is a direct reference to which of the following?


  members of the diplomatic corp


  members of the Senate


  Members of the judicial branch


  members of the Cabinet


 Question 11The federal judiciary is the only branch that is not influenced by interest groups.






 Question 12Unlike Supreme Court justices, nominees for federal  circuit court judge do not have to be confirmed by the Senate.






 Question 13If the Supreme Court rules that it will hear an appeal, it will most likely issue which of the following?


  writ of habeas corpus


  writ of prima nocturn


  writ of certiorari


  writ of secundum decorum


 Question 14Which of the following is primarily a trial court?


  Federal Circuit Court


  DC Circuit Court


  Any federal circuit court


  US District Court


 Question 15 Alexander Hamilton wrote that the judicial branch would be the most dangerous of the three branches.






 Question 16In the US’s dual court system of state and federal courts, the vast majority of cases are heard in the federal court system, not the states.






 Question 17Which of the following best describes the role of the US solicitor general?


  each court session they contact state high courts to help determine which state cases will be heard by the US Supreme Court


  each court session they represent state governments in cases involving the US Constitution


  they represent the federal government before the US Supreme Court


  They represent the US Supreme Court before Congress and the President


 Question 18The power that a court has to render a binding decision in a case is ___________________.




  stare decisis






 Question 19Which of the following is the most accurate statement regarding the US Circuit Courts?


  they are courts of review


  they are trial courts


  the decisions are made by one judge on the circuit court


  they are the highest state courts in the US


 Question 20Regarding the nomination and confirmation of members of the US Supreme Court, which of the following statements is the most accurate?


  the House Judiciary Committee receives recommendations from the sitting President


  confirmation must be by 2/3 majority in the full Senate


 final approval of the President’s choice is made by simple majority by the Senate


  both the House and Senate must approve nominations by simple majority


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