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The proposal during the constitutional convention that urged representation in the federal government based on a state’s population.

GOVT2305 Federal Government

Module 1 Quiz

Question 1The proposal during the constitutional convention that urged representation in the federal government based on a state’s population.

  New Jersey Plan


  small state plan


  liberty plan


  Virginia Plan


 Question 2The Three-Fifths Compromise is most closely associated with which of the following?


  how slaves were to be counted when taking a census


  how many states would be necessary to ratify the Constitution


  the number of senators required to ratify a treaty


  the number of representatives necessary to impeach a president


 Question 3Opponents of the Constitution.




  anti federalists




  Democratic Republicans


 Question 4Which part of the Constitution creates the executive branch?


  Article I


  bill of rights


  Article II


  10th Amendment


 Question 5As stated in the Declaration of Independence, the purpose of government is to________________.


  grant rights


  secure natural rights


  provide order


  ensure government exists perpetually


 Question 6Which of the following persons argued that a monarchy was necessary to keep order in society?


  John Locke


  Alexander Hamilton


  Thomas Hobbes


  James Madison


 Question 7Which of the following specifically defines who a U.S. citizen is?


  First Amendment


  Article I, Sec. 10


  14th amendment


  full faith and credit clause


 Question 8 Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government had no power to tax people directly.






 Question 9The collection of writings known today as the Federalist Papers were written in opposition to ratification of the Constitution.






 Question 10Because it was not a key issue at the time, slavery was not even addressed at the 1787 constitutional convention.






 Question 11The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1789, along with the main body of the Constitution.






 Question 12According to John Locke, society was authorized to inflict a penalty on people who infringed on the natural rights of other people.






 Question 13How many states are required to amend the US Constitution?




  All of them-Unanimous






 Question 14Which Amendments are considered the Civil War Amendments?


  1, 2, and 3


  17, 18 and 19


  13, 14, and 15


  8, 9 and 10


 Question 15Which of the following perspectives does not fairly represent John Locke’s thinking of government.


  Government grants people rights.


  people are born with natural rights


  kings are not born naturally superior to others


  society can inflict harm on those who damage the rights of others


 Question 16From an early American perspective, one important aspect of the social contract is that people may legitimately revolt against government if it does not protect rights.






 Question 17One legitimate function of the US Constitution is to provide operating instructions for people in official governmental positions.






 Question 18The first document that the United States operated under which provided operating instructions for national government was the __________________________.


   magna carta


  Articles of Confederation


  bill of rights


  US Constitution


 Question 19Under the Articles of Confederation, true power was at the national level of government and not at the state level of government.






 Question 20Though the Constitution establishes a representative form of national government, the Constitution does allow for individual states to establish other forms of government, such as a monarchy.






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