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The purpose of this assignment is to modify the existing code from Assignment 5 into a more maintainable and readable progr


The purpose of this assignment is to modify the existing code from Assignment 5 into a more maintainable and readable program by implementing various functions. You will be required to utilize void and value returning functions as well as value and reference parameters.

Programming Instructions:

1. Start with the provided solution to Assignment 5. This is NOT an option, you must use the solution code provided as your starting point.

2. Break up the main function code into the following separate functions:

a. DisplayIntro: Displays the title screen

b. PlayGame: This function holds most of the game logic that is held in the main function of the start point program

c. InitializeGameData: Initializes the game variables to the starting state. This is where you will set the card variables to the appropriate values for the game.

d. InitializeGameDisplay: Initializes the game board display variables to the starting state

e. DisplayInstructions: Displays the instructions for the game

f. DisplayBoard: Displays the concentration game board

g. GetValidBoardPosition : Prompts the player for a board position, validates it is a legal choice (1 – 6). The function should also not accept a position that has been used all ready. Hint: Check if it is not set to “*”, that will tell you if it has been used.

h. MatchMessage: Displays the match message to the player

i. NoMatchMessage: Displays the no match message to the player

j. DisplayCredits: Displays the game credit screen

3. You must add the additional functionality to the existing solution.

a. GameMenu: Displays 2 options, 1 to play the game and 9 to quit. Since the game now has a menu the player can now choose to play another game through the menu.

b. Provide at least 3 different game boards that the game can randomly select from at the start of each game.

4. The main function code for this lab is provided for you and is posted on Blackboard. The main function in your assignment must be very similar. As I do not wish to crimp your creative freedom you may change the name of the functions, if so desired, but their functionality must remain the same.


1. Sample program posted on Blackboard

2. Main function text file posted on Blackboard


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