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Question 1 of 20

The stock market responds favorably to alliance activities, but only under which 5.0 Points circumstances? A.Complementary resources. B.Previous alliance experience. C.Ability to manage the host country’s political risk. D.Partner buyouts. E.All of the above. 5.0 Points

Question 2 of 20 Which (if any) of the following will not influence the performance of alliances and networks? A.Equity. B.Learning and experience. C.Nationality. D.Relational capabilities. E.All can have an influence.

Question 3 of 20 As a type of relationship tie, exploitation refers to such things as: 5.0 Points A.Selfishness. B.Choice. C.Efficiency. D.Execution. E.B through D above. 5.0 Points

Question 4 of 20 The first concern in determining whether a relationship should be based on contract or equity is: A.The kind of resources and capabilities that are shared. B.Direct monitoring and control. C.Real options. D.Institutional constraints. E.None of the above. 5.0 Points

Question 5 of 20 In comparing M&As with alliances and networks, which of the following is not correct? A.M&As are costly. B.M&As have significant transaction costs. C.Many M&As end up destroying value. D.Alliances and networks preclude future upgrading into possible M&As. E.Alliances and networks can be considered as a flexible intermediate solution.

Question 6 of 20 Which (if any) of the following are not involved in the stages of forming business 5.0 Points relationships? A.The decision to cooperate. B.The decision to not cooperate. C.The choice of contract or equity. D.Positioning the Relationship. E.All of the above are involved. 5.0 Points

Question 7 of 20 Emerging trends concerning formal government policies on entry mode requirements include: A.More liberal policies. B.Imposing considerable requirements. C.A and B above. D.Welcoming wholly owned subsidiaries. E.Banning joint ventures. 5.0 Points

Question 8 of 20 Which of the following are not true regarding managers involved in alliances and networks? A.They require relationship skills which foster trust with partners. B.They must guard against opportunism. C.They must recognize that interests of the firms fully overlap. D.They have to represent the interests of their respective firms. E.They must attempt to make the complex relationship work.

Question 9 of 20 Which is not an advantage of strategic alliances and networks? 5.0 Points A.Reduce costs, risks and uncertainties. B.Costs of negotiation and coordination. C.Gain access to complementary assets and capabilities. D.Opportunities to learn from partners. E.Possibilities to use alliances and networks as real options.

Question 10 of 20 Contractual alliances include all of the following except: 5.0 Points A.Co-marketing. B.Research and development (R&D) contracts. C.Cross-shareholding. D.Turnkey projects. E.Licensing/franchising.

Question 11 of 20 In some industries where pressures for globalization are relatively low, local firms may possess some skills and assets that are transferable overseas, thus leading to a/an_____strategy. 5.0 Points A.Defender B.Extender C.Dodger D.Contender E.Transfer

Question 12 of 20 Which of the following is not a legal means of signaling? 5.0 Points A.Nonaggression or fat cat. B.Direct discussion of reduced rivalry with competitors. C.Truce seeking. D.Communication via governments. E.Strategic alliances.

Question 13 of 20 The three drivers of counterattacks do not include: 5.0 Points A.Awareness. B.Motivation. C.Capability. D.B and C above. E.Vengeance.

Question 14 of 20 Which is not true concerning US anti trust policy today? A.Legislation has legally permitted rivals to join hands in research and development (R&D). B.There is increased permissiveness regarding mergers among rivals. C.Clarity of policy has improved. D.The legal standards for interfirm cooperation are no longer ambiguous in the 5.0 Points United States. E.The legal standards for interfirm cooperation are ambiguous in many other countries.

Question 15 of 20 Which of the following aspects of U.S. competition/antitrust policy has been opposed by the EU? A.Collusive price setting. B.Predatory pricing. C.Extraterritoriality. D.Court decisions. E.Changes in policy. 5.0 Point

Question 16 of 20 s “The extent to which a given competitor possesses strategic endowment comparable, in terms of both type and amount, to those of the focal firm” refers to similarity of: A.Strategy. B.Resources. C.Markets. D.Industry. E.Economic environment. 5.0

Question 17 of 20 Points Which of the following will enable a firm to be competitive even if there is a lack of top management commitment and employee involvement? A.Organizational structure. B.Use of stealth attacks. C.Rapid responses, and willingness to answer challenges. D.All of the above. E.None of the above. 5.0

Question 18 of 20 Points Firm A may be more successful in imitating Firm B if Firm B: A.Is competitively aggressive. B.Carries out complex actions. C.Uses difficult to execute maneuvers. D.All of the above. E.None of the above. 5.0

Question 19 of 20 Explicit collusion is exemplified by: Points A.Cartels. B.Trusts. C.Users of game theory. D.All of the above. E.None of the above. 5.0

Question 20 of 20 Points Industry-based considerations regarding strategy: A.Focus on the nature of collusion. B.Deal with the relationship between industry structures and firms’ propensity to collude. C.Deal with the relationship between industry structures and firms’ propensity to collude to competing. D.All of the above. E.None of the above.


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