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The systematic study of human society is known as

(TCO 1) The systematic study of human society is known as           .

psychology science anthropology






social psychology


Chapter 1




(TCO 1) Social science includes   .




biology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics anthropology, sociology, astronomy, and psychology




sociology, anthropology, economics, and political science


history, psychology, geology, and political science sociology, entomology, botany, and psychology






(TCO 1) A key element in the sociological imagination is the ability to       .




see problems from the perspective of personal experience blame personal problems on one’s own culture




Correct Answer


turn personal problems into public issues


treat personal problems as collective opportunities create a fantasy life better than reality


Chapter 1




(TCO 3) Of the major theoretical theories in sociology, which one sees society as the


product of the everyday interactions of individuals?


Social-solidarity theory Social-conflict theory




Symbolic-interaction theory


Structural-functional theory Social-interaction theory


Chapter 1




(TCO 3) Functions of an institution that unrecognized and unintended consequences of


any social pattern, are known as                .


indirect manifest




latent implicit




Chapter 1




Question 6         




2              / 2 pts  


(TCO 2) Which is the term for a concept that has a value that changes from case to case?


Concept Measurement Changeling








Chapter 1




(TCO 2) Cause is to effect, as .




independent variable is to dependent variable dependent variable is to independent variable clause is to affect


variable is to constant


fish is to bicycle


Chapter 1




(TCO 2) A statement of a possible relationship between two (or more) variables is called




a theory operationalization a conclusion


a paradigm






a hypothesis


Chapter 1




(TCO 2) Which of the following are the three ways to do sociology?




Pacifist, interpretive, and critical sociology Positivist, interpretive, and negativist sociology




Positivist, interpretive, and critical sociology


Interpretive, modern, and jazz sociology Objective, subjective, and critical sociology


Chapter 1




(TCO 2) A criticism of the symbolic-interaction approach is that it




says little about how individuals actually experience society. wanted to colorize Casablanca.




ignores the influence of factors such as culture, class, gender, and race. focuses too much on class.


paints a very positive picture of society.


Chapter 1




(TCO 4) All of the following are characteristics of a Total Institution EXCEPT




staff members supervise all aspects of daily life, including where residents eat, sleep, and work.


life in a total institution is controlled and standardized, with the same food, uniforms, and activities for everyone.






normal rules dictate when, where, and how inmates perform their daily routines. residents are often called “inmates.”




Life is integrated into larger society, and members retain their individuality.


Chapter 3




(TCO 4) Other than perceiving the competing realities in a joke, what is sometimes


involved in “getting” and enjoying a joke?


The joke must be universally funny. The joke must be simple.




The audience must inferentially complete the joke in their minds.


The joke teller must explain the joke and provide more and more information until it is understood. The listener must be able to tell a joke well in order to get a joke.


Chapter 4




(TCO 4) Charles Horton Cooley used the following phrase to mean a self-image based on


how we think others see us.


Development of self




The looking glass Personality Socialiation


Formal operational stage


Chapter 3




Question 14       




3              / 3 pts  


(TCO 4) Erving Goffman makes so many explicit parallels to the theater that his view has been termed      .


Shakespearean Theatrical


Stage Directions Method Sociology




the Dramaturgical Approach


Chapter 4




(TCO 4) Shrimp merchant Sheldon Devane is the son of immigrants, and lives with his


aunt and uncle while enrolled at a four-year university where he is studying to be a graphic artist. Which of the following is his achieved status?




Graphic artist Male




Correct Answer


University student Nephew


Chapter 4




(TCO 3) When we say that using the sociological perspective amounts to “seeing the


strange in the familiar,” we mean that sociologists


can identify Marilyn Manson wearing Old Navy Polar Fleece.




give up the familiar idea that we live our lives only in terms of what we decide, in favor of the initially strange notion that society shapes these decisions.






understand that individuals’ explanations for their behavioral choices are sufficient for our understanding of why people do the things they do.


understand that even people who are familiar to us often have some very strange habits. focus on the bizarre elements of society.


Chapter 1




(TCO 3) Mashie Nibblet is a pro at a country club and loves to play golf, but hates to teach


it to the country club members. Mashie is experiencing .




role conflict


Correct Answer


role strain role ambiguity role exit


a handicap that, if not ironed out, would leave him feeling below par with a chip on his shoulder resulting in a stroke


Chapter 4




(TCO 3) Norms for routine or casual interaction are called              .




folkways mores


proscriptive norms prescriptive norms










(TCO 3) In sociology, a symbol is                .


an important part of any complete drum kit; best made by Zildjian. any word or phrase that carries meaning to a “receiver.”


any gesture that carries meaning to a “receiver.”


a verbal representation of the material or non-material culture.




anything that carries a particular meaning which is recognized by people who share a culture.


Chapter 2




(TCO 3) is/are the ways of thinking, the ways of acting and the material objects that


together form a people’s way of life.


Society Ethnicity Artifacts Norms






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