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The visceral pleura is found attached to the inner surface of the thoracic cavity.

•  Question 1 The visceral pleura is found attached to the inner surface of the thoracic cavity.





•  Question 2 Which of the following is a role of the nasal cavity?


1.            Concentrate the oxygen of incoming air


2.            Dry and warm incoming air


3.            Gas exchange


4.            Filter and clean incoming air


•  Question 3 For inspiration to occur, intrapulmonary pressure must be higher than atmospheric pressure?






•  Question 4 For expiration to occur, the intrapulmonary pressure has to:


1.            Increase compared to atmospheric air pressure


2.            Decrease compared to atmospheric air pressure


•  Question 5 Lung capacity refers to two or more lung volumes being added together.






•  Question 6 Which of the following is true of the pleura of the lungs?


1.            The pleural cavity allows the lungs to expand and contract without friction


2.            They are solely responsible for facilitating ventilation


3.            It is composed of four layers


4.            The pleura covers the internal surfaces of the lungs too


•  Question 7 The nasal conchae assist in the filtering and moistening incoming air within the nasal cavity.






•  Question 8 The pharynx assists in moistening and humidifying inhaled air?






•  Question 9 The thoracic and pulmonary volumes both have the ability to increase.






•  Question 10 What is true of gas exchange within the lungs?


1.            Occurs at the type I alveolar cells


2.            Occurs in the bronchioles and alveolar sacs


3.            It can occur all along the respiratory tree


4.            Occurs at the type II alveolar cells


•  Question 11 The trachealis muscle is located on the posterior aspect of the trachea, facing the esophagus.






•  Question 12 Which muscle is not considered a respiratory muscle?


1.            Scalene muscles


2.            Diaphragm muscle


3.            Pectoralis major muscle


4.            Intercostal muscles


•  Question 13


The bronchial tree allows for passage of air and gasses to reach the alveolar sacs where gas exchange occurs.






•  Question 14 Which statement about the lungs and bronchi is true?


1.            The left secondary bronchi has three branches


2.            The left lung has 2 lobes


3.            The right secondary bronchi has two branches


4.            The right lung has 4 lobes


•  Question 15 Which volume of air is always contained within the lungs, even on forced expiration?


1.            Residual volume


2.            Tidal volume


3.            Inspiratory volume


4.            Vital capacity


•  Question 16 Oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to:






2.            Facilitated transport


3.            Active transport


4.            Osmosis


•  Question 17 What is secreted by the alveoli cells that prevent the lungs from collapsing between each breath by reducing surface tension?


1.            Pulmonary fluid


2.            Water


3.            Mucous


4.            Surfactant


•  Question 18 Which of the following is true regarding the larynx?


1.            The larynx is located inferior to the trachea


2.            The vestibular folds assist in closing the glottis to prevent food and water entering the trachea


3.            The vocal folds (cords) allow food and water to flow through them when open


4.            The epiglottis controls when food and water can enter the trachea


•  Question 19 As the inspiratory muscles contract, the thoracic volume increases leading to an increase of pulmonary volume, which increases the intrapulmonary pressure.






•  Question 20 Which of the following is true of the trachea?


1.            The trachea is posterior to the esophagus


2.            The respiratory cilia within the lumen move the mucus downward, toward the lungs


3.            Its lumen is lined with cilia


4.            It has over 30 supportive cartilage rings


•  Question 21 Which term best describes the amount of air expelled from the lungs after a maximum inspiratory effort?


1.            Tidal volume


2.            Residual volume


3.            Vital capacity


4.            Total lung capacity


•  Question 22 Which term best describes the normal amount of air that is brought into and out of the lungs during quiet or resting breathing?


1.            Inspiratory volume


2.            Residual volume


3.            Tidal volume


4.            Vital capacity


•  Question 23 Which of the following is true about the breathing process?


1.            For air to enter into the lungs, the atmospheric pressure has to be lower than intrapulmonary pressure


2.            The diaphragm and intercostal muscles are secondary respiratory muscles


3.            The pleura of the lungs play a role in the breathing process


4.            As lung volume increases intrapulmonary pressure increases


•  Question 24 The primary role of the smooth surrounding the bronchi is to provide structural support.






•  Question 25 Patients with breathing difficulty often use accessory breathing muscles. Which of the following may assist in inspiration due to its role as an accessory breathing muscle?


1.            Transverse abdominis


2.            Scalene muscles


3.            Rectus abdominis


4.            Diaphragm muscle


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