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Think of a self-fulfilling prophecy that

  1. Think of a self-fulfilling prophecy that you’ve experienced or that you have seen in a popular show, web-series or from someone you know. Based on this experience, do you agree with the Thomas theorem (you should define the Thomas Theorem in your own words)? Why or why not? What are some positives and negatives of this theorem? 
  2. Trigger Warning: Sensitive Topics explored in this question: Using the Durkheimian lens (that is, using Durkheim's arguments), what types of suicide are apparent today and how are these related to culture (think back to chapter 3 and our discussion on values/beliefs)? Give a common day example of each type of the four types of suicide described by Durkheim (i.e. search for different sources that describe each of the types of suicide). You should practice your APA formatting (extra help under 'Course Resources') and include your sources for each of the suicides on a reference page. (Again, this is for practice and you will not be deducted points for messing up the APA formatting). 
  3. Give an example of when you have used instrumental-rational action (as described by Weber) in your everyday life. How do you feel that rationalization has impacted your life and the relationships that you have with other people? Give some examples of how over-rationalization can be detrimental in some way. 
  4. Make a list of as many statuses, ascribed and achieved, that you have (at least 5). Don’t forget things like dog owner, gardener, traveler, student, runner, employee. How many statuses do you have? In which ones are there role conflicts? 


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