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To assess a cremasteric reflex, the examiner strokes the:

NURS6512 Final Exam Latest 2022 Febraury (All Correct Answers / All 100 Answers)

 •             Question 61        To assess a cremasteric reflex, the examiner strokes the:                                           


•             Question 62        Nerves that arise from the brain rather than the spinal cord are called:                                  


•             Question 63        Loss of immediate and recent memory with retention of remote memory suggests:      


•             Question 64        You order an ECG on a patient that c/o feeling heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath. Your ECG shows irregular heart rate and you determine that you need to call EMS immediately because this rhythm can cause death. What rhythm would you suspect the ECG is showing?                                        


•             Question 65        To assess spinal levels L2, L3, and L4, which deep tendon reflex should be tested?           


•             Question 66        Assessing orientation to person, place, and time helps determine:                                          


•             Question 67        In the adult, the apical impulse should be most visible when the patient is in what position?


•             Question 68        The finger-to-nose test allows assessment of:                                  


•             Question 69        You are conducting an examination of Mr. Curtis’s heart and blood vessels and auscultate a grade III murmur. The intensity of this murmur is:                                             


•             Question 70        Examination of the patient in the lithotomy, or knee-chest, position includes:                   


•             Question 71        Cranial nerve XII may be assessed in an infant by:                                            


•             Question 72        Your patient’s chief complaint is repeated pencil-like stools. Further examination should include:                                               


•             Question 73        A red, hot swollen joint in a 40-year-old man should lead you to suspect:                                             


•             Question 74        A 56-year-old male presents to the clinic to see the nurse practitioner with complaints of shortness of breath for 1 months, 15-pound weight gain and lower extremity edema.  Vitals are as follows: HR: 120, Respirations 30, Blood Pressure: 138/90, BMI: 40; Oxygen saturation of 90%. On examination patient is noted to have jugular venous distention, enlarged liver, and crackles are noted on examination. A chest x-ray is completed and shows findings consistent with which diagnosis? Based on this scenario and imaging what is the most likely diagnosis?


•             Question 75        Adrian Thomas  is a 19-year-old girl who presents to the clinic with complaints of severe, acute chest pain. Her father reports that Adrian, apart from occasional sinus infections, Adrian is not prone to respiratory problems. What potential risk factor is most important to assess with regards to Adrian’s current problem?                                        


•             Question 76        The strength of the trapezius muscle is evaluated by having the patient:                                              


•             Question 77        You are examining Mr. S., a 79-year-old diabetic man complaining of claudication. Which of the following physical findings is consistent with the diagnosis of arterial occlusion?                                


•             Question 78        A pulsation that is diminished to the point of being barely palpable would be graded as:               


•             Question 79        Your 15-year-old patient is athletic and thin. Radiography of an ankle injury reveals a stress fracture. You should question this patient about her:                                       


•             Question 80        A cervical polyp usually appears as a:                                     


•             Question 81        To hear diastolic heart sounds, you should ask patients to:                                          


•             Question 82        Functional assessment is most important during the examination of a(n):                            


•             Question 83                        Recent unilateral inversion of a previously everted nipple suggests:                       


•             Question 84        Which one of the following techniques is used to detect a torn meniscus?                           


•             Question 85        An idiopathic spasm of arterioles in the digits is termed:                                               


•             Question 86        Palpation of epitrochlear nodes is part of the:                                   


•             Question 87        When palpating joints, crepitus may occur when:                                            


•             Question 88        During chest assessment, you note the patient’s voice quality while auscultating the lung fields. The voice sound is intensified, there is a nasal quality to the voice, and the e’s sound like a s. This sound is indicative of:                                        


•             Question 89        A parent is advised to restrict contact or collision sports participation for their child. An example of a sport in which this child could participate is:                                        


•             Question 90        When you attempt to move a 10-month-old child from his mother’s lap to the examination table, he screams loudly. Your best action is to:                                             


•             Question 91        The difference in blood pressure readings between the right and the left arms is considered normal up to _____ mm Hg.                                     


•             Question 92        You are conducting a preparticipation physical examination for a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome who will be playing basketball. She has slight torticollis and mild ankle clonus. What additional diagnostic testing would be required for her?                                        


•             Question 93        Montgomery tubercles are most prominent in the breasts of:                                   


•             Question 94        To spread the breast tissue evenly over the chest wall, you should ask the woman to lie supine with:                                     


•             Question 95        Electrical activity recorded by the electrocardiogram (ECG) tracing that denotes the spread of the stimulus through the atria is the:                                             


•             Question 96        Postural hypotension is defined as a _____ when the patient stands, compared with sitting or supine readings.                                              


•             Question 97        Kawasaki disease is suspected when assessments of a child reveal:                                        


•             Question 98        You are interviewing a 20-year-old patient with a new-onset psychotic disorder. The patient is apathetic and has disturbed thoughts and language patterns. The nurse recognizes this behavior pattern as consistent with a diagnosis of:                                  


•             Question 99        Part of the screening orthopedic component of the examination includes evaluating the person while he or she is:                                           


•             Question 100     The checkout station for preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE) is critical because at this point:                                               


•             Question 101     When completing this exam, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic integrity?   


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