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Topic: Mental Health Proposal Include your product component of the project in the Appendix. Submit the following a


Topic: Mental Health Proposal

Include your product component of the project in the Appendix.

Submit the following as your answer:

  • Cover page – 
  • Abstract – 
  • Table of Contents –  Use APA heading format for major headings and subheadings, with page numbers flush right.
  • Introduction—Your introduction should briefly:
    • Summarize your product, audience, objectives, and scope.
    • Synthesize your literature review to explain the rationale for your product.
  • Research and Analysis – Assess your product using the project scoring guide and the objectives you developed in your project proposal. The research and analysis portion of your project should include the following sections and responses to the following questions:
    • Relevant Leadership Theory: What theories, models, and philosophies of leadership did you integrate into your product? How did the research illustrate a connection to your Higher Education Leadership and Administration specialization?
    • Best Professional Practices: What best practices did you draw from the learning theory? How did you incorporate technology, and why is it appropriate for your product?
    • Ethical Leadership: How did you challenge current best practice and delivery methods to provide better leadership in presenting and carrying out your product? How will you manage financial, physical, technical, and human resources in developing and implementing your product?
    • Change Processes: How did you propose changes to the status quo? How did you consider social and cultural implications of your proposed changes?
    • Collaboration and Communication: How will you communicate the purpose and rationale for the product? How would you collaborate with constituents utilizing the product for their input following their review or use of the product? How will you communicate change strategy for the implementation of the new product?
    • Implementation and Assessment: What is the plan for implementing and assessing your product? What assessment model did you use to assess the effectiveness of your learning experience? How will your model help you effectively assess your learning experience?
  • References – Be sure to include all references from the above components. The capstone project and reference list must be in proper APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
  • Appendix – Use the appendix to deliver the actual product for your project. For example, a training manual or a link to an online course.

Your final submission of the project should be the equivalent of 15–20 pages, including the Introduction through the Research and Analysis sections described above. The final page count does not include the cover page, abstract, and table of contents. The appendix, which should contain the product, is additional pages.


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