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umuc bio160 week 8 discussion latest 2016



Topic 1: Read this information before taking the exam

The exam will be available under CONTENT > WEEK 8 > FINAL EXAM topic.

You are on your honor to work independently of all other students.

You can choose when during the week to take the exam…BUT… plan wisely for an uninterrupted three hour time period. Please try to select a computer that has a direct cable access rather than wifi for the final exam, if possible, to avoid disruption. The moment you open this exam, the day and time will automatically be recorded and you will have three hours to complete the exam and submit it to the assignment folder in the classroom.

This final exam must be completed no later than midnight FRIDAY OF WEEK 8…. OCTOBER 14.

With permission only, you can submit the exam as late as SUNDAY OF WEEK 8…. OCTOBER 16. Please make your request prior to the Friday October 14 deadline.



The final exam will be based on the material in your study guides, homework and conferences.

Read over your corrected study guides for review. Allow about one hour per study guide for review.

Read over your returned homework assignments. Allow about one hour per homework for review.

The question format for the exam will be similar to the SELF- ASSESSMENT TESTS at the end of each of the modules.

The questions will be primarily multiple choice, and true or false.

Please save your answer after each question and at the end of each page.

Practice using the test format in the modules, if you did not do so during week 5, or use the ungraded practice quiz.


Plan adequate uninterrupted time for the exam:

Determine when during the week you want to take the exam.

The exam should take 90 minutes to complete, BUT you have 3 hours in which to do it.

Choose a quiet location where you will be sure there will be limited interruptions.

Note that once the exam timer has started, you cannot stop it by exiting the exam or by shutting down your computer.

Please save your answers after each question or when each page is completed, or both.

When the time is close, a warning message will appear. You will then have 5 minutes to complete what you are doing and submit your work.

Be sure to submit the exam when you are done!

The final grades will be available in your grade book, on or before Tuesday OCTOBER 18.


If you have been granted an extension for class work, all outstanding work must be completed no later than MIDNIGHT SUNDAY at the end of week 8.

If you are applying for an incomplete, be sure to submit the form as soon as possible, prior to the last day of class work, and before the final exam week. The forms are available in this forum, in the next topic. Remember, to be eligible for a course extension, you must have completed 60% of the course work, with a grade of C or better and present a valid verifiable excuse.


If you have any questions about the exam, before you take it, please ask here.

If you have questions after the exam, please ask via email. Thanks!

Topic 2: Incomplete Request

For any online course, if you have completed 60% of the work with a C average or better by the last day of class, prior to exam week, you can request an extension of the course work, provided that a valid emergency or work-related excuse is given and verified and approved.

The form needed for such a request is attached in the first thread. Please submit it via email to your instructor on or before OCTOBER 9.


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