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Unit 6 DB: Peer Review of Introduction (ENG110 College Writing) Topic: Screen Time For Kids In this d

Unit 6 DB: Peer Review of Introduction (ENG110 College Writing)

Topic: Screen Time For Kids

In this discussion board, you will begin writing your argument essay due at the end of Unit 7 by submitting the introduction to your essay. The introduction is the opening of your essay. You want to hook the reader from the first paragraph of your essay. In order to do that, you will need to pay attention to the first sentence you use in your essay. You want to engage the readers with that sentence. Your next sentences will briefly explain your essay topics. Finally, end the introduction with a thesis statement that reveals your argument as well as your topics.

Here is a sample introduction on cyberbullying in high school to give you an idea of how an introduction should be organized:

Cyberbullying through online platforms, such as Twitter, has become a growing problem that needs to be strongly addressed in public high schools around the country. Why, one might ask, is cyberbullying such an important issue? Cyberbullying is the act of bullying someone online. Often, that bullying may include sending messages that harass and intimidate another person through a medium that can mask the person’s identity. This type of behavior is not acceptable anywhere, but particularly within the school system because it promotes a negative educational culture and also can be harmful to the person being bullied. High schools need to implement specific programs surrounding the topic of cyberbullying that provide education on the subject, intervention for those being bullied or doing the bullying, and severe consequences for acts of cyberbullying.

Review these instructions for the upcoming argument essay.

Initial Response:For your initial response, please submit a draft of your  introduction to the Unit 7 Argument Essay introduction to the Unit 7 Argument Essay – Alternative Formats .

Peer Responses:
In your response to classmates, peer-review at least two of your classmates’ introductions based on the following questions:

  • How well did the first sentence hook you as a reader? In what ways did it make you want to keep reading?  
  • How clear were the thesis statement and the topics? What areas in the introduction were not clear? 
  • What was your final impression after reading the introduction? 


Unit 6 DB: Stakeholder Leadership, Management, Strategy, and Structure (Bus340 Business Ethics)

Leadership is the ability to influence followers to achieve common goals through shared purposes.  Leaders, with the help of followers, are responsible for enacting an organization’s vision, mission and strategies, and for achieving goals in socially responsible ways.

  • Choose one of the companies listed on page 362 of your textbook and research the company’s leadership and management, as well as their strategies and structure in meeting stakeholder needs.
  • Explain, based on your research, how the company is a “firm of endearment.” 

                         Amazon                               Honda                               Southwest

                         BMW                                    IDEO                                Starbucks

                         CarMax                                IKEA                                 Timberland

                         Caterpillar                            JetBlue                             Toyota

                         Commerce Bank                  Johnson & Johnson         Trader Joe’s

                         The Container Store            Jordan’s Furniture            UPS

                         Costco                                  LL Bean                           Wegmans 

                         eBay                                     New Balance                   Whole Foods 

                         Google                                 Patagonia                         Harley- Davidson 


 Unit 6 DB: Dreaming of Vacation! (ENV110 – Exploring Environmental Issues)

Dreaming of vacation!  Discuss which of the major biomes you would visit and discuss how you would fill your suitcase depending on the time of year and anticipated conditions.  Think about the climate for the area and the anticipated weather during that time of year.  

 Unit 6 DB: Personality Testing – The Big Five (PSY101 – Fundamentals of Psychology)

 Complete The Big Five Inventory personality questionnaire.

Based on the results of taking the Big File Inventory above, answer the following questions:

  • Do you think that the results of the personality test were accurate in reflecting your personality?  Please explain with examples from the concepts of the Big Five Theory.
  • Do you think that tests such as this, that demonstrate the Big Five Factors, are a good way to examine personality differences?  Please share details on your thoughts.

Be sure to provide the URL link(s) and/or title(s) to any resource used as reference in your post.


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