Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Use the company and topic approved from Milestone 1 for this assignment. Milestone 2 begins the development of the PowerPoint Digital Strategy presentation.? This sectio | WriteDen

Use the company and topic approved from Milestone 1 for this assignment. Milestone 2 begins the development of the PowerPoint Digital Strategy presentation.? This sectio


Use the company and topic approved from Milestone 1 for this assignment. Milestone 2 begins the development of the PowerPoint Digital Strategy presentation.  This section should consist of approximately 5-7 slides and cover the following material:

  1. Analysis of the problem: Brief summary of what the problem is and why it has occurred.  What the overall business problem is that the company needs to build a digital marketing strategy to solve or improve that problem
  2. Target Market: Overview of the target market or markets.  What comprises this customer segment? What are their demographics? What other characteristics of the customer segment is considered?  Why is this the target market needs to be mentioned.  What type of online community does this target market belong to and why?
  3. Digital Marketing Tools: Provide a brief overview of what digital marketing tools and techniques would be the focus of this strategy.  Between social media, website marketing, SEO, email marketing etc, briefly identify what the types of methods will be used and a brief statement why each one makes the most sense to use in this strategy for the target market?



Helisha Thapa

Amberton University

Dr Kyle Allison

MKT4260. E1

June 21, 2022


Located in a modest strip mall, the brick-and-mortar store focuses on designer apparel for both men and women, including shoes and handbags. The company employs two full-time and three part-time people and has a minimal website with a limited product selection. This company's main issue is that the things they sell can only be found by a small number of buyers thanks to their poor website. The company employs technology to increase its brand awareness in order to expand and become more customer oriented.

As part of the project, big data, information management, and social computing solutions will be integrated into the company to fulfill its goals of increasing brand exposure. When it comes to outsourcing business-critical information for growth, big data and knowledge management technologies will be essential. The information that ought to be outsourced via this technology comprises methods for recruiting new clients and expanding the firm. Using social computing, businesses may better serve their customers by exchanging data gleaned from their massive amounts of big data (Hao et al., 2018).

The organization needs be informed of the expenses associated with integrating new technology and be ready to bear those expenditures as a result. Customers' and the company's private data are the primary goals of using new technology. In order to be successful in the company, big data technology needs analytics, data processing, predictive applications and technological support (Tian, 2017).

A computer system and computer-literate staff are necessary for this technology to be used in social computing. Improve the company's brand awareness, safeguard the company's data, and bring in more consumers by integrating online shopping into the business using new technologies


Tian, X. (2017). Big data and knowledge management: a case of déjà vu or back to the future? Journal of Knowledge Management.

Hao, F., Park, D. S., & Pei, Z. (2018). When social computing meets soft computing: opportunities and insights. Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences, 8(1), 1-18.


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