Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Using the?CITM-504 Progress Report Template, provide your instructor with information on your progress toward completing the capstone project. The template asks the follow | WriteDen

Using the?CITM-504 Progress Report Template, provide your instructor with information on your progress toward completing the capstone project. The template asks the follow

  1. Using the CITM-504 Progress Report Template, provide your instructor with information on your progress toward completing the capstone project. The template asks the following questions:
  2. Provide a brief overview of your capstone project work.
    1. Provide a quick overview of your capstone project work.
    2. What work is completed (bulleted format)?
    3. Provide a short description of the work in progress.
  3. Using the template form (the date automatically updates), submit the report using the assignment submission page. Please provide your name in the text box.

Please refer to the 3.3 Progress Report and 3.4 Paper Outline (Attached) and compile it further. 

CITM-504 Weekly Progress Report

Date of the Report: 20/7/2022

Student Name: Mandar Sathe

Overview of capstone project

The project is based on conversational AI. This type of AI focuses on enhancing customer services by creating a platform where customers can make inquiries and have timely and personalized responses. With this project, the customers will access company information and have their questions answered thoroughly over a short period of time. In turn, the overall service time will reduce, and there will be a maximization of customer experience in how they engage with the customers.

Work completed

· I have conducted an extensive study on the current technology industry and the impact of AI on different aspects of life.

· An extensive definition of the project and the components of the project.

· Research on the technology issues that affect real-world technology and AI.

· Possible and alternative solutions to problems affecting AI and real-world technology.

· Develop an action plan that addresses technology issues and determines the expected outcome.

· The expected impact of developing a conversational AI in business is enhancing customer service.

Work in progress

· I am working on developing an adequate project scope that outlines the range of activities to be carried out in implementing the project.

· I define the project variables that will form the foundation for an effective project evaluation process.

· I am researching risks associated with such projects. This involves relying on past scholarly sources to collect as much data as possible.

· I am working on defining the implementation approach used in completing the project and the resources needed to attain the project's desired outcome.


Running head: Outline 1

Outline 5


Indiana Wesleyan University

Mandar Sathe


Technology issues. It covers the various technical problems that are associated with real-world concerns. In each listed topic, an extensive discussion is raised to determine how it impacts real-world infrastructure.

· Remote internet speed and connections

· Deep fake content

· Poor user experience

· Data mix-up as a result of AI implementation.

· Too much automation

Potential solutions. This section covers the different approaches to address the listed problems relating to real-world technology issues. Also, the expected outcome is provided in the discussion. The solutions developed in the discussion include:

· Investment in new technologies such as 5G to boost internet speed.

· Developing policies and laws to protect users from fake content.

· Use of customer feedback in making necessary changes concerning poor customer experience.

· Implementation of more effective pop-out blockers to prevent data mix-ups.

· Sticking up on a single business model and ensuring it is well developed.

I am designing a solution. This involves evaluating the prevailing problems and the action plan that must be adopted and implemented to offer a long-term solution.

Communication strategies. In ensuring the conversation AI adopted is effective enough in attaining the desired outcome, there is a need to identify the stakeholders involved and how the stakeholders can be engaged in the activity. The following strategies are applied to ensure communication efficiency across the stakeholders.

· We are focusing on the issue instead of the person addressing the listed technology issues.

· It is enhancing a flexible plan that accommodates the changes in the technology industry.

· I am focusing on being authentic and genuine rather than manipulative in attaining the desired outcome.


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