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Virtual Meeting Discussion Replies

1.) (Megan Russell)


The purpose of this TED talk was for the CEO and founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, who talks about how his company has developed the world’s most popular video chat software. Mr. Yuan explains how the pandemic has brought on first time users and how Zoom is working to quickly to accommodate all users of Zoom. He mentions how people worldwide are now using Zoom for work, education, social groups and more. Eric Yuan goes on to talk about how he envisions a digital future that will include new technology that will offer things such as a virtual handshake and real time language translations to rival face to face gatherings.

Non-verbal Delivery

The speaker, Eric Yuan, is sitting in a chair in front of his computer screen. He offers very little movement, however, incorporates hand gestures throughout his presentation. By doing this, has created a comfortable environment, while still being able to convey a message without the use of words. Mr. Yuan does not use any visual aids on this screen to help the visual learned to better understand the information he was providing.

Strategies for Success:

Mr. Yuan and Simone Ross were both dressed professionally and had kept eye contract throughout the entire presentation. Both presented a calm and relaxed tone. I felt their tone made it easier for those listening to the presentation to stay engaged. Mr. Yuan provided a well-organized and concise understanding throughout his presentation. This allowed his listeners to easily comprehend the information he was providing.


As mentioned above, Mr. Yuan provides a well-organized and concise understanding of the information he is providing during his presentation. He provides his message in such a way that even a young adult would be able to understand. Mr. Yuan provides that he envisions our future becoming digital and less in person. The language used is very easily perceived in such a way that he does not bore his audience. He kept his response to his audience short and sweet so that he did not create confusion. However, he was able to get his point across, nonetheless.

Oral strategies and tactics:

There isn’t any music played during this presentation. Mr. Yuan and Simone’s both present a volume of voice that was in a direct, clear, and calm manner. Mr. Yuan voiced confidence in the information he provided his listeners.



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2.) (Samuel Mercado)

  1. Purpose: In this video James Hodge talks about how Esports has started to dominate and become a new norm for competition sports. Specifically he uses racing games and technology to explain how Formula 1 is one of the most exclusive car racing series that is comprised of only 10 teams making it very inaccessible. Utilizing technology has allowed the public to experience the Formula 1 racing world through simulation. He even adds the implications associated with the COVID era and how we have adapted and overcame through the usage of simulators or video games. Other benefits that were included referenced closing the gaps socially, economically and physical. He goes on to explain how innovation has helped us fulfill some of those dreams we’ve never thought we could experience.
  1. Non-verbal delivery
    1. Movement in Your Speech: Mr. Hodge normally did a side to side shuffle. Which involved him moving from his right to left side and vise versa. Granted he is on a platform, in my opinion he could have moved slightly more. Maybe moving back and forth from the right and left side to add a more personal conversation with the audience.
    2. Visual Aids: Mr. Hodge provided visual aids on his background screen to provide examples. Those examples included providing a pictures of Formula 1 racers and the technology used to provide an interactive racing experience. Additionally, he the visual aids weren’t over used and too distractive to the audience.
  1. Strategies for Success
    1. Pathos: James Hodges has a good tone that isn’t very monotone which can make you audience lose interest. Although his tone was good I would have liked to hear more excitement exerted from his voice during the moment he explains he loves Formula 1 racing. I don’t think it’s a huge impact but in my opinion, it could help your audience relate emotionally. Normally when you talk to someone, they feed off your tone and facial expressions in order to feel the same emotion you’re presenting.
    2. Logos: Throughout the entire TED Talk, Mr. Hodge was clear and concise. He also utilized a timeline and intertwined that into his speech. When the video starts, he uses a personal story to tie in how technology was first introduced into his life in his younger years. Then he builds on that story showcasing how video games have grown from being just gaming, to now being a competitive experience accessible to almost everyone around the world.
    3. Ethos: credibility, expectation, reference. – James Hodge is someone who uses data to help organizations get a competitive edge. Although he is directly tied into the video game industry, it is a passion of his to include Formula 1 racing. Technology is frequently adapting and evolving tapping into about everything it can, to include video games. In my opinion, he sounds very experienced throughout the TED talk. This speech seems like something you seem to hear often; in reference to technology. But the points that James Hodge’s addresses provides the audience with a better understanding of how we in society can join the competitive side regardless of your physical attributes. I’ve honestly seen it more now and days as, no matter the limitations, we can experience the world through technology or simulation specifically.
  1. Style
    1. Appeals (to emotions, logic, ethos): I highlighted this earlier, I would have like to hear more enthusiasm out of Hames Hodge’s voice. Although his speaking isn’t distracting or doesn’t lose the audience. Vocal emotion can allow your audience to relate emotionally or emotionally feel moved.
    2. Figurative language (similes, metaphors, symbols, imagery): James provides imagery throughout the TED Talk. In the beginning, he starts with providing the audience insight on his experience with technology in his younger years and how he has seen the evolution of gaming. He also speaks on his conversation with a driver named Lando. While explaining the simlitaries and differences of racing in real life and through simulation, he has images in the background showing Lando and examples of the vehicle being used. Then he goes on to show Lando using simulation gaming to gain experience in racing while connecting with the online community. Overall, he uses background imagery in conjunction with speaking to capture both the auditory and visual type audience.
    3. Use of language, word choices (diction): The usage of words provides imaginary examples and are not overly complicated.
    4. Passive or active voice: He has an active voice.
    5. Simple or complex sentences; short or long sentences: Throughout the entire TED Talk, he used sentences appropriately. Nothing was overly complicated or shortened to bypass a subject.
  1. Oral strategies and tactics
    1. Music: No music was utilized throughout the TED Talk.
    2. Volume: His volume and any other noises in the video are not overly distractive towards me or the audience.
    3. Speech patterns (articulation, intonation, emphasis): Mr. Hodge articulated the TED talk with no issues. He may have made a couple mistakes but recovered with no issues. He utilized more of a Fall-Rise intonation which in my opinion, helped him emphasize his points across the TED Talk.
    4. Other sound effects: Mr. Hodge utilized Formula 1 car sounds to help emphasis his passion and love for the sport, he goes on to explain how that sounds provide a sense of joy to him. Allowing the audience to share the experience with him.


Hodge, J. (n.d.). James Hodge: Esports and The New Era of play. James Hodge: Esports and the new era of play | TED Talk. Retrieved June 11, 2022, from


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