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Answer all parts of the question thoroughly and accurately in two or three fully developed paragraphs.

Provide detailed evidence in the form of quotations from the text.

Follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing the text.

Demonstrate a clear understanding of the time period, topic, or genre that is this week’s focus.


Question: In Voltaire’s tale, Candide travels across the known world witnessing the horrific brutalities that humans commit against one another in the name of religion, power, or simple greed. Having observed and experienced this violence, Candide begins to doubt his previous conviction that life has purpose and is primarily good, and he comes to the conclusion that he and his friends must devote themselves to cultivating their garden. What does Voltaire mean by the phrase “cultivate our garden”? How effective of a response is it to the violence and despair present throughout the book?


I chose :

Dickinson, E. (2018). My life had stood a loaded gun. In Puchner (ed.) The Norton Anthology of World Literature, (p. 574). Norton.