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– Watch the video “What’s the Difference Between Information Governance and Data Governance” at

 - please view "Data Governance Vs. Information Governance", a seminar by a consulting firm from July 2021


Listen to the new video, read this 2021 whitepaper IFHIMA_IG_OCT2021.pdfns from the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations ( (Links to an external site.)), and seek other sources if you wish to answer the following questions:

1.What are the drivers (needs, reasons for) of information governance (IG) and data governance (DG)? 
       2.  How do the differences between these drivers frame the different purposes and functions between information governance and DG?
3. Are information governance and DG the same thing, at odds with each other, or complementary? Explain and defend your answer.
4. What are possible synergies between information governance and DG?
Each question is worth 25 points.
All assignments are to be prepared as if they are being submitted in the performance of a management position including references to support your answers.

Introduction BINF 4515 – Data Governance


Establishment of policies and the continual monitoring of their proper implementation for managing organizational assets to enhance the prosperity and viability of the organization

Business Dictionary


Applies enterprise-wide

Has an enforcement component

Is vested in top organizational authority

Is executed through a framework of policies, standards, rules, and decision rights

Executes its authority through a formal structure of assigned roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities

Data and Information Governance

DIKW hierarchy

Data and Information Governance

Data: facts

Blood pressure readings: 138/80, 140/82, 138/80

Information: relationships among facts

Mr. Smith

Blood pressure readings

Knowledge: interpretation, pattern recognition

Mr. Smith’s blood pressure readings are above normal range indicating a possible problem

Data and Information Governance

Data and information relationship exist

Data quality correlates to information quality

Data and information are not the same

Governance is different for data and for information


Data Governance

Focus on the input: data

Emerged in 1990s to address data quality in data warehouses

Includes structured and unstructured data

Policies to ensure data are consistently defined, structured, accurate, and current across the enterprise

Information Governance

Focus on the output: information

IG emerged in 2004 as a framework for information privacy and security

Policies for records and information management for confidentiality, regulatory compliance, retention, disposal, and ethical use

Comparison of Functions

Governance Functions

Data Governance

DG asks questions like:

How are the data captured?

Where and how do the data flow?

What is the data architecture (data models)?

How do data support decisions and operations?

How are the data defined (metadata)?

How are key entity data managed (master data)?

How are data protected?

Information Governance

IG asks questions like:

Where does information come from?

Who should and can access and retrieve the information?

What information should be documented?

How should information be used?

How long should information be retained?

What is the disposition of information?

Different Functions Require Different Governance

Policy related to data content, structure, reliability, validity, interoperability

Policy related to information use, protection, compliance


Chapter 1

The Transforming World of Health Information Management

The Case for an Enterprise Solution

The St. Rita’s Case

Who appointed the EIM team?

CIO Joan Morton

Why was EIM the team appointed?

Sort out the root causes of data integrity issues at St. Rita’s

Determine the feasibility of developing an enterprise division to assure data integrity

The St. Rita’s Case

The initial members of the EIM team

Denise – HIM professional

Bob – Business analyst

Linda – Decision support analyst

Val – Project manager

Shirlee – Clinical analyst

Monte – Systems analyst

The St. Rita’s Case

The EIM team’s charge

Study St. Rita’s data problems

Recommend new ideas and improvements

Assess feasibility of an EIM division

Develop an action plan to implement improvements

Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise information management (EIM)

A set of functions used by organization to plan, organize, and coordinate people, processes, technology, and content for managing information as a corporate asset that ensures data quality, safety, and ease of use.

Data Governance

Data governance (DG)

A specific EIM function that supports coordination among all other EIM functions by establishing data standards, policies, procedures, and accountabilities that span the entire organization.

Definition of health information

Definition of Health Information

Definition dependent upon the context

Information about health science and health-related issues published by an authoritative source

For example, journals, magazines, web sources

Secondary patient-related data

For example, aggregated data in registries

Primary patient-related data

For example, specific patient data used for healthcare delivery

Electronic Health Records: Differing Definitions

EMR – Electronic medical record

Electronic record

Health-related information about an individual

Is created, gathered, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff within one healthcare organization

National Alliance for Health Information Technology

Electronic Health Records: Differing Definitions

EHR – Electronic health record

Electronic record

Health-related information about an individual

Conforms to nationally recognized interoperability standards

Is created, gathered, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff across more than one healthcare organization

National Alliance for Health Information Technology

Electronic Health Records: Differing Definitions

PHR – Personal health record

Electronic record

Health-related information about an individual

Conforms to nationally recognized interoperability standards

Is drawn from multiple sources

Managed, shared, and controlled by the individual

National Alliance for Health Information Technology

Complexity of data flow and retrieval

Clinic Appointment and Visit Example

Healthcare Data Flow Across Users

Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIEs)

Federal-state collaboration

Enable and expand secure electronic movement and use of health information among organizations

Goal is to improve quality and efficiency of healthcare

HIE Example

Health Information Content

Clinical Documentation Definition

Documentation that is a detailed account of pertinent facts, findings, and observations relating to a patient’s health history, examinations, tests, treatments, procedures, and supportive care

Primary communication tool among healthcare providers

Facilitates patient care planning and care

Clinical Documentation Uses


Direct patient care

Evaluation of the appropriateness, adequacy, and outcomes of healthcare delivery

Clinical research

Meeting accreditation and legislative mandates

Reimbursement claims

Risk management

Clinical Documentation Best Practices

Best practices must be followed to support clinical documentation uses:

Policies must be established

Procedures to implement policies must be implemented

Monitoring of compliance with policies and procedures must be in place

Legal and Administrative Documentation


Administrative functions

Demographic information

Insurance information

Legal requirements

Meet accreditation standards

Comply with legislative or regulatory mandates


Authorizations and acknowledgements

Uses and Users of Health information

Primary Uses of Health Information

Uses that support the delivery of patient care:

Patient uses

Patient care delivery uses

Patient care management uses

Patient care support uses

Business and legal uses

Secondary Uses of Health Information

Uses that influence the environment in which patient care is delivered:

Education uses

Accreditation, licensure, regulation, legal uses

Research uses

Public health uses

Policy making uses

Users of Health Information

Healthcare delivery organizations

Quality management and monitoring organizations

Reimbursement services organizations

Research and data collection organizations

Educational institutions

Healthcare accreditation agencies

Policy-making bodies and organizations

ST. Rita’s EIM Team first steps

EIM Team Consensus

Starting point for an EIM program:

Target initial efforts to internal users of health information with an eye toward data exchange and interoperability

Full spectrum of EHR functionality must be a goal pursued by St. Rita’s Healthcare System

External users would be downstream beneficiaries


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