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Wesley Discussion

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Assignment 4b: Wesley Discussion


Objective: Explain John Wesley’s vision for preparing for the ministry.


Mindset: Appreciate the goals and vision that Wesley prepared for pastors of his day.




John Wesley (1703-1791) was the brother of Charles Wesley (1707-1788) the famous writer of over 8,000 hymns. John believed wholeheartedly that God protected them for something great as the two were saved from a house fire while young. Although associated with Methodism, they were reared in the Anglican Church and both came over to minister in the American colonies returning to England, Charles became a noted hymn writer of the Christian church and John an impassioned circuit preacher and evangelist throughout the British Isles and Ireland. His sermon “An Address to the Clergy” is an inside look at what an 18th-century evangelist thought the qualifications of a minister ought to be.


Read John Wesley, “An Address to the Clergy” (February 6, 1756) (Links to an external site.).


Write a 1-page double-spaced paper that addresses the following: Address these things in paper use heading above each as you address please

What advice does John Wesley give to pastors in general?

What did Wesley say were several non-theological areas with which pastors should be familiar?

Given the context of pastoral training in Wesley’s day, how typical would his vision have been for pastors in his time?



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