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What are some of the major differences between the crime control model and the due process model??


For this assignment you will need to have read and reviewed the coursebook chapters and lecture notes for chapters 1 and 2. Your task is very simple. If it helps you to number the responses then that is okay also, but short phrases and yes or no responses will not be awarded points.

Please review assignment formatting guidelines in the syllabus if you need help. More importantly, make certain to CITE when using the work or words of others

What are some of the major differences between the crime control model and the due process model?  Which model do you prefer and thinks best exemplifies the ideals of justice?

 Discuss some of the economic and social implications of the recidivism study conducted by Matt DeLisi on the 139 murderers. In your opinion, do you think people like this should ever be released? Explain why or why not.

Compare and contrast the mission and operation of Europe’s, England’s, and America’s early prisons? 

 Discuss the major assumptions underlying positivism in terms of how offenders are treated. Do you think these assumptions are more in support of Garofalo's idea of individualized justice based on the danger offender poses to society or von Liszt's idea based on the rehabilitative potential of the offender?

 What role did the Catholic Church play in the development of Westernized corrections during the Middle Ages? Do you believe that some of these influences are still present now? Explain. 

Attached is the textbook if needed to answer these questions.

The assignnment is due by 11pm tonight 09/11/2021


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