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Use critical thinking skills and metacognition when you read the Mini-Case Study in the textbook on page 83:

Imagine you are a tax attorney and consultant to Doctor’s Hospital (a for-profit, physician-owned hospital). You are scheduled to present the advantages of converting the hospital to not-for-profit tax status to the Board of Directors.

The following are your talking points and your research questions for this assignment:

(1) What are the benefits of the board keeping the for-profit tax status?

(2) As the tax attorney and consultant, what are your arguments for converting the hospital to a not-for-profit tax status?

(3) Expound on whether it is more beneficial for the hospital to change its tax status or remain the same. Provide peer-reviewed references to support your rationale.

Create a thesis statement relative to health financial management.

Write a 1-2-page paper in APA (2020) format. Remember to rephrase direct quotes and use in-text citations. Safe Assign should be 25% or lower.

Include a cover page, a reference page, a minimum of three peer-reviewed references (that are no older than five years), and use the textbook.

The paper should follow the SESC format of state, explain, support, and conclude; see the Sample Paper posted in this course.

Respond to 2 students with a 250-word post in APA (2020) format

Requirements: 1-2 pages