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What concepts did you learn in mindfulness practice this week

In these weekly reflections, you will demonstrate that you have reviewed the required materials and reflected on the topics stated in the questions, relating the course’s content to your personal life and experiences. You will also engage in discussion with your classmates and consider other points of view.

Initial Post

Based on the required readings and materials for week 2, please answer the following questions thoughtfully and with your own words (~100 words per answer). [2 points each]

1. Chapter 4 discusses the concepts of prejudice and discrimination. Choose a quote (include page number) from this chapter that helps you understand these two concepts and explain why you chose that quote.

2. In your own words, explain what the authors mean when they say that there is no such thing as “reverse form of oppression” (chapter 5).

3. What concepts did you learn in mindfulness practice this week? How do these concepts can help you develop your socio-cultural awareness/growth? (Feel free to share a story that reflects the impact that mindfulness practice had in your life this week).

Initial post is due on Thursday of Week 2 by 11:59pm. [6 points]

Response Post(s)

Please respond to at least one of your peers. Your responses to classmates should be thoughtful and insightful. You will not get credit for perfunctory answers such as: “I agree with your answer”; “Good post”; “Nice job”, etc. Each response to a classmate must indicate that you have read and thought about their post and are responding because something in their post moved you to do so.

Response(s) to a peer is due on Sunday of Week 2 by 11:59pm [4 points]

Grading Criteria

Each one of the 3 questions will be graded as follows:

2 points: Question was answered, was ~100 words, and showed personal reflection of the topics covered.

1 point: Question was answered, but was either too short, or did not show personal reflection of the topics covered.

0 points: Question unanswered.

Total possible points for answering all questions = 6 points

+4 points: An insightful response to a peer was submitted.


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