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What is a process for creating a sense of urgency around change?



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Collaboration is essential for team success; I am always try my best to ensure my team has what they need and feel comfortable providing their inputs in regards to the ways we do things.


What have you learned during this team collaboration about Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model?

The most important aspect is that collaboration brings a sense of unity in the team; it also helps determine the goals and direction in which the team is moving towards.

What is a process for creating a sense of urgency around change?

First, one must assess the situation and determine the best course of action; depending on the decision there will be those who will always oppose change. Those people will need extra convincing.

How does collaboration promote self-analysis and help you prevent or correct mistakes?

By having an open minded team, each team is able to voice their concerns and opinions regarding issues that may arise and thus formulate a plan for future issues that may come up.

How does collaboration promote problem solving and help team members improve their skills?

It allows the team members to critically think and challenges them to come up with new ideas and solutions.

What are the connections between new behaviors and organizational change? How do you replace old habits?

Like anything changes can be frightening to some people; these are the people management should spent a little more time convincing them that the changes will actually be of a benefit to them.



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During this team’s collaboration about Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, I learned that the model works best when many people work together for the same common goal. I also knew that there would be times when people are not pulling their weight within a group, which needs to be handled right away. The process for creating a sense of urgency around change is to have an opportunity statement that presents the state of urgency and why the change must happen right now. Collaboration promotes self-analysis by making the person responsible and giving their information and being questioned about it. This allows for the evaluation of how much the person put into their part of the task. This is when mistakes can be addressed as well. This also encourages problem-solving and helps team members improve their skills but make sure they are prepared for their part of the project to present. It also allows for everyone to provide feedback to the person to help them do better in the future. The connection between new behaviors and organizational change is that the shift usually promotes new behavior. Once that change has been accepted, the behavior change follows until it becomes a habit and is no longer a change.



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