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Discussion Practice QuestionsHUMAN 40 – RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD Humanities Berkeley City CollegeDiscussion Prompt 1:“This [Smith’s previous pointthat satisfaction of the desire for worldlysuccess is more substantial than pleasure] does not have to be argued for a contemporaryWestern audience. The Anglo-American temperament is not voluptuous. Visitors from abroad donot find English-speaking peoples enjoying life a great deal, or much bent on doing so – theyare too busy. Being enamored not of sensualism but of success, what takes arguing in the Westis not that achievement’s rewards exceed those of the senses but that success too has itslimitations – that ‘What is he worth?’ does not come down to ‘How much has he got?’ (Smith,15)Who are these ‘Anglo-Americans’ to which Smith refers? you agree with this characterization of Anglo-Americans as not “…enjoying life a great deal,or much bent on doing so – they are too busy. ”? Explain your view.Anglo-Americans refers to those people who speak English as their first language or theirmother tongue. These people do not necessarily have to be whites but those people who moveto the English speaking countries and begin to speak the English language and with time whenthey have offspring they learn English as their first or native language. The Anglo-Americans donot seem to be enjoying life but are viewed to focus much on their worldly success according toSmith. Also, these people are viewed to focus so much towards success rather than pleasuresince they are mostly viewed be migrants who leave their native countries and settle in thesecountries with various reasons. These people also are believed to be living in those countrieseither due to job activities or as refugees who later end up having offspring’s who learn thislanguage as they grow and become citizens of that state by birth because they were born inthose countries.Discussion Prompt 2:“What is distinctive in Hinduismis the amount of attention it has devotedto identifying basic spiritual personality types and the disciplines that are most likely to work foreach. The result is a recognition, pervading the entire religion, that there are multiple paths toGod, each calling for its distinctive mode of travel.” (Smith, 28)What do we think about this claim, that there are multiple paths to God?A.The use of the singular (i.e. god v. gods) and capitalization, as with a proper name {i.e. (the)God v. (a) god} would seem to imply the same, identical, one and only one God…would thatchange your mind?B.The idea of many paths to the same goal (of union with God) might seem to discount theworth or value of the path itself, while some religions place more emphasis on the path than thegoal…what do you think?According to Hinduism, there are many paths to God and these paths are attributed to the fourpersonality types (Smith, 1994). The paths are such as through work, love, psychophysical, andknowledge. These paths are closely examined to have intrinsic values attached to them which

ought to be followed in order to be on the right path. For instance, an individual can use any ofthe paths to God such as by use knowledge one gets to know God through learning andexchange of ideas.AThe singular god and gods and the capitalization of the same words (God and god) wouldchange my mind because according to Hinduism the god in small letters is used to refer to anidol or an evil image made to be worshipped instead of the true God with a capitalized letter “g”.Therefore, the singular god and gods means the same thing while the other God and god refersto the true and supernatural God compared to the false or evil idols.BI believe that the emphasis should be put on the goal and not the path because the goal is theprimary objective while the path can be replaced with another if it does not yield good resultsregarding the goal. Also, the path should have emphasis although not too much so as to avoidless concentration towards the goal. It is important therefore for one to choose the correct paththat does not interfere with the goal and one which helps one to focus on the goal withoutconsuming a lot of time such that one may lose concentration.Discussion Prompt 3: “The word ‘my’ always impliesa distinction between the possessor andwhat is possessed; when I speak of my book or my jacket, I do not suppose that I am thosethings. But I also speak of my body, my mind, and my personality, giving evidence thereby thatin some sense sense I consider myself as distinct from them as well. What is this “I” thatpossesses my body and mind, but is not their equivalent?Again, science tells me that there is almost nothing in my body that was there seven years ago,and my mind and my personality have undergone comparable changes. Yet throughout theirmanifold revisions, I have remained in some way the same person, the person who believednow this, now that; who once was young and is now old. What is this something in my makeup,more constant than body or mind, that has endured these changes?” (Smith, 30, emphasismine.)Please reflect upon Smith’s questions, “What is this ‘I’?” and “What is this something…that hasendured these changes?” Ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ and share your response.The letter “i” is viewed to refer to oneself whereby according to Smith, oneself is regarded as thesoul which does not change despite even the growth of other parts of the body. The soul isinbuilt in oneself and is not visible and it is the one that possesses the letter “i” because withoutit one cannot exist although it is invisible. The soul hence defines who an individual is his andhis possessions. Also, the soul does not develop like other body parts or things that areattributed to an individual but it just exists in a person and defines the individual together withevery aspect attributed to that person. It is thus viewed to be the spiritual being in a personaccording to Hinduism (Smith, 2009).References

Smith, H., & Marranca, R. (2009). The world’s religions. New York: HarperOne.Smith, H. (1994). The illustrated world’s religions: A guide to our wisdom traditions. SanFrancisco: HarperSanFrancisco.

Calculus I MATH 1512 (4) University of New Mexico (UNM)Q&A Practice Quiz1. If (c, f(c)) is a point of inflection of the graph of f, then either f”(c)=0 or f”isundefined at cAnswer: Points of Inflection2. Where first derivative is 0 or undefinedAnswer: Critical Value3. Use critical values and END POINTS in the functionAnswer: Find absolute extrema4. If m>n: NO HAIf m=n: HA = co-eff of m/co-eff of nIf m<n: HA: y = 0Answer: Horizontal Asymptote Rules5. If f(x) is continuous on [a,b] and differentiable on (a,b), there is at least onepoint (x=c) where f'(c)= F(b)-F(a)/b-aAnswer: Mean Value Theorem6. If f is continuous on [a,b] then f has an absolute maximum and an absoluteminimum on [a,b]. The global extrema occurs at critical points in the interval oratendpoints of the interval.Answer: Extreme Value Theorem7.If f is continuous on [a,b] and k is a number betweenf(a) and f(b), then thereexists at least one number c such that f(c)=kAnswer: Intermediate Value Theorem8. If f(x) is continuous on the closed interval [a, b], differentiable on (a, b), andsatisfies f(a) = f(b), then for some c in the interval (a, b), we have f'(c) = 0Answer:Rolle’s Theorem9. Find HA: y = (x+2)/(sqrt(x^2+3))Answer: y= +1 and y = -110.A pair of equations that define the x and y coordinates of a point in terms of a

third variable called a parameter.Answer: parametric equations11. Given x and y, how to parameterize?Answer: Table: |t | x | y| Plug in x,y to graph12.An object moving along a line through the point (x0, y0), with dx/dt = aanddy/dt = b, has parametric equationsAnswer: x = x0 + at,y = y0 + bt13.Horizontal Asymptote for exponential functions?Answer: y = k(if y = e^x + k)14.If the function is not continuous, does the limit exist?Answer: The limit exists if there is removable discontinuity15.What happens if you half delta(n) while calculating integralAnswer: Thedifference between upper and lower estimate gets halved; moreaccurateprediction since velocity is measured more frequently

History of the United StatesUniversity of Cumberlands HIST 231History of the United States Practice EssayRole of George Washington in the French and Indian WarThe French and Indian war took place between 1754 and 1763. The war cameabout as a result of the need for increased annexation of North America by the Britishand French colonialists. The war was triggered by the contention over the possession ofOhio River Valley. George Washington Issued an ultimatum to the French in which theFrench replied that their presence there could not be contested. He published anaccount of his experience in Ohio thereby informing the Britons and Americans ofincreasing French Dominance in the area.As a result of the threatening French dominance, Ohio’s governor called forWashington’s military expedition in the area whose key role was to ensure those whoresisted the presence of the Britons were killed. The French sent their military men inretaliation, and their camp was attacked by Washington’s Militia men, thereby sparkingoff the war. However, on 1stJuly, 1754 French gatheredtheir troops which ultimatelyoutnumbered Washington’s troops thereby leading to Washington’s surrender (Alfred,2004). In 1755, General Edward Braddock led his troop to attack the annexed Frenchterritory, Fort Duquesne, in the company of George Washington but they were defeated,and Edward Braddock succumbed to the war injuries. However, the war continued till1763 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris and Britain winning over its French rival.

How the War’s Outcome Set the Stage for The American RevolutionThe French and Indian War played a significant role in catalyzing the AmericanRevolution. Britain had become indebted as result of the war, and their Parliamentresorted to imposing taxes on the colonists. There was discontentment among thecolonists who consequently started initiating a breakaway from Britain. The war hadweakened Britain’s economy, therefore, attempts to boycott trade with Britain workedefficiently for the colonists (Anderson, 2000). Further, given French loss during theFrench and Indian War, French collaborated with the British colonies to reduce Britishinfluence over its colonies and the ultimate independence of America.ReferencesAlfred, A. C. (2004).The French and Indian War. WestportConn: Greenwood Press.Anderson, F. (2000).Crucible of War: The seven Years’War and the Fate of Empire inBritishNorth-America, 1754-1766. New York: AlfredA. Knopf.