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What is King’s definition of justice, in your own words?

PHIL1301 Introduction to Philosophy

Module 5 Discussion

Remember to post a contribution of at least 200 words.

If you can answer most of these questions for yourself by the end of this Module, you will be in really good shape as far as comprehending the material.

Questions about Martin Luther King:

1. What is King’s definition of justice, in your own words? See p. 3 especially. What imperative or demand does this definition of justice imply? What actions would have to be undertaken to create and live by this definition of justice?


2. Explain (some of) King’s argument on behalf of nonviolent direct protest and action. I think there are at least four elements that I discuss in the video lecture and that can be found in the reading in support of nonviolent direct action.


3. How, exactly, does King distinguish between just and unjust laws? Offer his definitions of these categories of laws. What is the connection, furthermore, between his definition of a just law and authors we have looked at in our class like Plato and Augustine?


4. What is the definition of civil disobedience? See p. 7. Can you think of any criticisms of or possible shortcomings in civil disobedience, either conceptually or as a practical political tactic?


5. Why does King claim moral means have to be the only way toward moral ends? See p. 13. Provide an example of moral means for moral ends; or immoral means for moral ends; or moral means for immoral ends; or immoral means for immoral ends. (That’s a mouthful!)


6. Finally, since this is our last module, do you have any concluding questions or comments about the course as a whole? Anything leftover from earlier modules?


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