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Read the attached Microsoft case and the letter to stockholders by Satya Nadella, CEO and other firm info at the web links below.

Answer the 2 questions in the case and the following questions. Answer by question number.

3.What is Microsoft’s Mission and main goal?

4. Show Microsoft’s sales and profit history for the past three years- in total and by type of biz segment/ SBU

5. Do a SWOT analysis using the 4 quadrant matrix form

6. Given that changing technology and related needs of various customer segments provide opportunities for Microsoft, please state what you think their main competitive advantages are that they could leverage so that they can take advantage of opportunities as stated by Mr Nadella, their CEO. Give two examples in detail.

7. Given the opportunities and competitive advantages, name 2 strategies that MSFT could undertake for growth (Think about utilizing the growth strategy concepts on slide 17 from C2 powerpoint for direction)

Use these links to their investor relations area on their web site and other info to answer all questions

List references alphabetically using APA reference format for electronic resources


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