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  • What is the most compelling counterargument your peer listed? Why? 
  • What is the least compelling counterargument your peer listed? Why?

Identify which speech you read. I decided to read Elie Wiesel: The Perils of Indifference.

What is the author's claim(s)? He says that indifference means no difference using examples saying that the lines get blurred between light and darkness, cruelty and compassion, and good and evil. He also claims that indifference is worse than injustice and that when it comes to killers, victims, and bystanders the indifference of bystanders is worse than the killer.

Who is the audience for this speech?In this speech he is addressing the president, first lady, and the other honored guests that were there, but it is also addressed to anyone in the world watching that speech including other world leaders. Anyone that will listen that wants to see things change for the better.

What is the tone, purpose, and voice of the speech? His tone seemed serious due to the subject matter and hopeful in hopes of change in the world. I would have to say the purpose of this speech was to bring awareness to what has happened over the years and to say that we need to reject indifference so that we can bring change to this world. We can't fix what happened in the past, but we can change in hopes for a better future.

What are possible counterarguments to the author's claim(s)? (There may be more than one. List as many as you can think of.)We can't control what happens in other countries because our presidents job is to put the lives and safety of the American people first. Our president takes action when it is needed to protect the people of the United States and his judgement is a reflection of that.

What are possible rebuttals to the counterarguments you listed above? There will always be indifference in the world and I agree that it is not always a good thing and has infact led to some bad things happening, but again our president is overseeing the United States not anyone or anything outside of it. When something is risking putting us as Americans in danger then the president will intervene as he sees fit in that situation.