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What type of speech is this?

What type of speech is this?

What audience was the speaker targeting? How do you know?

Based on your audience analysis, for the audience:

1. Was the speech introduction effective? Why or why not?

2. Did the body of the speech provide all key points as well as supportive evidence? Why or why not?

Unit 1 Assignment – Reading and Summarizing Digital Texts

  • Choose one of the topics from the Realizeit Learning map for unit 1 to use for this assignment. Write a summary of the material in the topic. ( Using Microsoft Word for Writing)
  • To successfully complete the assignment and practice unit objectives, complete your summary using these steps:
    • Read the material in your chosen topic at least twice. Monitor your attention and comprehension as you read, using your helpful inner voice and re-directing your distracting inner voice. Read actively. You can use the highlight and annotation feature in Realizeit, or you can take notes on a separate computer document or physical notebook. The important thing is that you write down the main ideas and a key point or two from each of them.
    • Review your notes. Plan your summary by identifying the main ideas and key points to include. Re-read when necessary to clarify ideas.
    • Write your summary. Start with the title of the topic and the main idea in the first sentence. Then, identify the main ideas and key points in subsequent sentences.
    • Review your summary. Make sure your summary accurately reflects the ideas in the topic. Read it aloud to make sure your writing will be clear enough for your reader.


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