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 Introduce yourself to our national association, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA): 

My answer: (Please elaborate and rewrite)

My name is Sheila. I’m excited to embark on this journey in Health information Technology courses. I currently work for a well-known hospital in the Utilization Management as a Clinical Data and Reporting Coordinator. I’ve been employed there for 5 years. Pursing a degree in Health Information Technology will help me advance my career. There are various departments, I could work for within my company.

· Browse the website and review the HI Career map at

· Find a career path that intrigues you and summarize in a paragraph how this matches up with the role in the industry you’d like to pursue. 

My answer: (Please elaborate and rewrite)

Multiple career paths intrigued me. I found the website interesting a useful and I compared various positions to my current job duties. The career path that intrigues me the most was Health Data Analyst. Given my background as a Clinical Data and Reporting Coordinator in the medical insurance industry, where I currently collect, extract, analyze, and compile data for the executive team, I recognized that this role would seamlessly complement my existing skill set and knowledge base.

· THEN:  After reading Chapter 2 Healthcare Delivery Systems in book (Sayles, Nanette B., Ed.D, RHIA (2020). Health Information Management Technology: An Applied Approach,(6th ed), AHIMA Press, Chicago, IL, ISBN: 9781-58426-720-1)- answer in 200 words questions below:   

1. What would be your recommendation to improve the US healthcare system? What barriers are there to making the changes you recommend? What would you recommend to overcome these barriers?

2. Discuss how social, economic, and technological factors impact healthcare delivery.