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 When would be the best month to purchase shares in Exxon based on the last 3 years of data

Think about a domain are very interested in and/or experienced in and then think about

aspects of it that are economic – issues of cost and profit, asset allocation, supply and

demand, production scheduling, inventory management, transportation, entrepreneurial

strategy, etc. W.


1. Save data, model, and analysis in an Excel file. Use label and sheet names to organize

your Excel file.2 clearly. Write a report in a Word file using font Arial size 10(or similar if not

available in your system)and double line spacing.3. Paste any relevant table and chart in

your report including labels and references in the text.4.

You should plan to write a brief report (3-5 pages) that has the following sections:

Introduction – describe the problem that trying to solve (e.g., What/when should I buy and

sell shares in Stock X based on historical data? When should inventory be put on sale?),

with some description of the topic domain (e.g., venture capitalism, clothing retail,

restaurant management). The problem should be rich enough to require a spreadsheet

simulation or optimization.

Analytic Strategy – verbally describe the model/s of the problem, but also include an

influence diagram and mathematical model, the assumptions your model/s make/s about

the problem, and the variables that are involved; also describe what data will be used and

how to acquire it.

Findings and Implications – provide a visual model of the data and/or the model

output/analytic results and a verbal explanation for what it means to a decision-maker faced

with the problem analyzed.

References – provide verifiable citations for any published studies or documents that

informed your project and any external data set/s that were used to complete it.